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Tony Miller

Speaking of horse butts…
I have now phased in all the new cloth options for my strops. I had mentioned the new Hemp and Linen earlier but now added a new cotton.

I have a new 3" cotton to offer, starting on my Artisan strops now, and later my Plain strops as soon as the older cotton is gone.

This new cotton has a much finer weave and a smoother, less "corregated" feel to it. It will work much better than the old if used plain and should do nicely with pastes too for those who use it that way. It is fairly firm and breaks in nicely and softens with use.

I also have my new organic Hemp webbing, thick and supple but with a soft temper that feels great to strop on.

Finally, the new Flax Linen. This only comes in a 2 3/4" width, a bit narrower than before and a little coarser herringbone weave but independent tests from some B&B members have shown it works well compared to the older linen which is sadly no longer available.

New Cloth 2-2024.png
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I just purchased a Flax Linen strop piece from Tony to replace the Cotton linen for my strop that I received as a Bday gift from his store a couple of years ago. I find the Flax preferable to the cotton personally.

So far, so good.

Tony Miller

Speaking of horse butts…
Glad you like it. So far all the feedback from my testers has been positive and seems to be working well for everyone who has tried it.
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