New SOC Taj Resin in Two Band Finest

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by TheLegalRazor, Jul 11, 2018.

    The new SOC Taj Resin brushes were recently released by Semogue. They're available in Premium Boar, Two Band Finest, and Caravela (mixed boar and badger).

    I opted for the Two Band Finest.

    The handle is a standard SOC in a beautiful cream ivory. The knot is stated to be a 24mm set to a loft of 53mm. I took the calipers to mine and it measures 25.25mm at the top of the handle with a loft of 50.50mm. I would characterize the knot as having medium density. It is soft, but not Thater soft. Backbone is very good and the knot has a pleasant scrubby feel to it. When I first used the brush it had a mild amount of scritch which I did not find objectionable. However, after five shaves even that is gone. This brush is excellent for face lathering, although this handle is up to the task of bowl lathering.

    At a price of $82.50, this brush looks and performs beyond its price.


  1. Instant classic!
  2. ajkel64

    ajkel64 Ambassador

    Very nice brush.
  3. I just received mine a couple of days ago. Not that I really need a new brush, but when I read the knots were hand tied and under $100, I went for it. Really like the handle as well.
  4. Phog Allen

    Phog Allen Contributor

    Thank you for sharing this. These newer Semogues are getting close to being my new brush.
  5. CLASSIC!! :a14::a14::a14:
  6. maclean3

    maclean3 Contributor

    I've been eyeing these too. I'm curious how the knots differ from the Cherry handled, "finest hair available...." The prices are fairly close but this white seems a touch more refined - plus, I've already got the cherry handled boar.
  7. I'm familiar with the Cherry handled version, and prefer the knot in the ivory Taj Resin version. The knot on the ivory handle is softer, yet has greater backbone due to the lower loft. The Cherry version I had always exhibited some scritch, which is why I did not keep it. My ivory version does not have this scritch.
  8. maclean3

    maclean3 Contributor

    Great information, thanks. I like the idea of more backbone but I kind of like a little scritch in my brushes, given the choice - several years using a pure badger every day, I guess I've gotten used to it. It's still interesting though.
  9. Very nice. I really like the look of these handles.
  10. maclean3

    maclean3 Contributor

    You're making it hard to resist the urge to order one, I hope you realize that. :drool:
    I just got my first Vie-Long last Wednesday, it's still got just a touch of that pony smell. I really should at least break this one in before I buy something else. Then again...
  11. Taj Resin? Is that fancy speak for plastic...?

    Beautiful brush by the way.
  12. I can hear Mister Ed now: "Wilber...."
  13. I second the positive comments on this new brush line from semogue.

    Recently received the Taj mistura mix of badger & boar. I was lucky to snag it with a discount at WCS a week or so ago.

    Still getting used to it as any new brush but bristles are pretty soft, still some roughness or scritch as another pointed out but assume that will go away in time. Lathers very well, lots of backbone (similar to SOC boar in that regard). Nice brush. First time I’ve tried a mixed knot.
  14. I landed a mistura as well. It's soaking now. I always soak boars but never badgers before putting them in service. Now I'm in a quandary. :001_unsur

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