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New product under way

We are nearly out of our inventory of brushes in our store. They are very handy with a synthetic Tuxedo knot.


We have a new design that the artisan is finishing up for us. We hope to have them in the store in a few weeks or so. They will have a synthetic knot but have a different profile to the handle. The one on the far right did not turn out as hoped. The one on the far left broke while on the lathe. The ones in the middle are the survivors and will be headed our way in time.

What do you think?

I like a classic looking brush, and this fits that preference. I also like the extra rings on the blank, which give a little more visual presence.
I like it as well. The more rounded top to me is more pleasing. I also like that it has multiple rings on the bottom for grip and character. To be honest I much prefer it to the original design in the finished photo. Will have to keep an eye on your store for these.
The handle looks great but, a Tuxedo Knot.? I read that the Boss Knot & the Timberwolf Knot are way better Knots. The Tuxedo Knot is a lousy knot compared to them.