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NEW handles? Pictures?

Ok, I made a similar request in another thread re the Tech, but I am wondering about the NEW. This razor is often recommend as one of the best shaving old three piece razors, but I am never sure if what I am looking at is one or not. I know I have seen the NEW in all caps on the inside of box lids on ebay in that past, but I did not seen any of those just now. And, of course, old razors often don't have boxes (I am ok with this, since I am more user than real collector). So I would really appreciate seeing pictures of the common versions of the NEW. I know more than a few of you gentlemen are equiped to provide them.... :001_smile


One of the common defects on these razors is the handle is a hollow tube and the pommel and top thingie was pressed in, many of these tubes are split Repairs are possible- just a heads up if you are ebaying them.
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