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New handles from LJS


So from a BST thread a few weeks ago, I got a trade with LJS going for a handle to set one of my Oumo mixed knots in.

I sent him a number of pics of rarer vintage handles I really liked. "Keyhive", "Pineapple", and one unusual Simpson I'd only seen once or twice (Unknown name). After some discussion about shapes and woods, the unnamed Simpson shape was settled on as a favorite; and a piece of green wood was picked out for the medium.

Fast forward to today. My package arrived, open... and despite that there were still several handles more than I had asked after. And Not a one was anything less that stunning.

As I pick out knots and lofts for them I will be posting them here.

First was the bonus handle in the same shape as the original ask. LJS will have to confirm the wood here... but I think from our conversation it may be Blackwood or Mesquite? I don't remember seeing this wood during our conversations, but I'll tell you this much, LJS knew exactly what I was looking for in a piece of wood when he added this to the package. I can't think of a more beautiful brush. As an added bonus, it's noticeably fatter than the "default" of this shape, which I think is a clever improvement on his part. It gives it a really nice "Chubby-1" esque body to the handle and ups the weight to where you feel like you've got something substantial in your hand when you grip it.

Truly a work of art.

Knot is not set yet, but I've dry-fit it in here at ~46mm, and I think it looks just about perfect. I'll set it and bloom it and add some post bloom pictures tomorrow or Thursday.




More pictures (Brush #2) coming soon I promise. March was an absolutely nutso month and still playing catchup.

I will say I Love this handle shape on the one I've made already. I LIKE the chubby 1 handle (I know some folks aren't fans), except I want it a little bigger and a little more grippy, and this shape gives me that. The Eagle is tied for my favorite handle (with an unknown vintage shape that looks very plain), and I think this one may be right up there as well. Doesn't look too comfortable at first glance, but I think as long as it's the right size for your hand it actually is. Kind of reminds me of a more comfy beehive.
Yeah, I wasn’t sure at all how it would feel in hand until I made that first one in ivory resin. It was interestingly grippy with good feel. That beefier one in plum felt even better. That is a rare shape for sure
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