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NEW brassing/coppering?

I recently bought a gold tone NEW off ebay with case (case is ugly inside but I'm ok with that) the razor had some minor corrosion about the cap and comb and upon cleaning I learned that the cap is copper, and the comb is brass. Corrosion reappears almost immediately if the razor is wet. If I understand correctly this razor is laquered, I could strip it bare and re-laquer it right? If so, can anyone reccomend a good product that would closely color match the original?
The razor is currently gold-tone, and as the handle is still properly coated so it would be nice to match it. I know it would be very difficult to match a 70+ year old surface but close is good enough for me.
I have a couple of Gillette NEWs, great razors. The lacquer has worn off both and they develop a greenish patina (copper salts..verdigris?) over time after cleaning. I tried the relacquer approach after cleaning (with Autosol) using Rustins metal lacquer, applied with a brush. The result was very good but has not lasted after a couple of months use with patina returning. Presumably the lacquer has washed off but I would be tempted to repeat as the initial appearance is spectacular. Perhaps others have had a more long-lasting result.
I wonder what the results would be if we polished and then clear powder-coated? Does anyone have an Eastwood powder coating set up that would like to try it for the rest of us?
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