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**Necro-Post**Shave Dens**The original B&B Shave Den Pic

Ok folks, it is time to decorate the site with some pictures of your shaving dens. Here are a few quick pictures from mine:

A couple of shelves:

I have run out of room on the shelves, and random bottles are strewn about near my sink area.

One drawer:

Creams and soaps stacked a few high, plus lotsa samples. My wife still has possession of about a third of the drawer with some dental stuff, bt I am working on crowding her out :wink: .... I have lots of other stuff under the sink, in other drawers, in cabinets, etc. I need to work on a more cohesive plan on how to organize my stuff.

My sink area is a mess right now. After I clean it up a bit more, I will post a few more pictures.

OK, folks, time to pony up with other pictures!

Edited: Added a picture of my half of the bathroom. Two sinks are definitely the way to go! The basket in the middle is filled with balms, etc., though you can't see them from this angle.
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Holy Moly Rocky!:smile: Thats really cool!:smile:

Now I have some ideas for my Xmas list!:smile:

P.S. You need more shelves, maybe a floor to ceiling cabinet model?:smile:
OK Scotto, come clean. You've shared with us what SWMBO knows about. Remember we're your brothers in shaving. Out with it. We want to see it all. :biggrin:

Very nice setup!

I hope you have a couple extra terabytes of space available for Ron's shaving den pics. :biggrin:
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