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Name the soaps whose scents can rank as masterpieces?

Can you name soaps whose scents are so special and well blended that they can rank as masterpieces? Post your list below and help us identify the "must have" scents!

1. Please do NOT choose scents on the basis of performance - that's irrelevant for this thread. Just the scent matters.
2. Try and identify soap scents that are special for you - something that stands out above the ordinary
3. If there's a cream or croap scent so good you need to mention it, go ahead and put cream/croap in brackets.

I'll kick it off:
- Wholly Kaw King of Oud
- SV Dolomiti
- Eufros Gea
- Fitjar Folgefonn and Fjellheim
- Truefitt and Hill 1805
- Pre de Provence 63
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Nice thread. I would confirm T&H 1805 which remains a firm favorite of mine. I would add:

Fine American Blend - perhaps the best ‘barbershop’ scent out there!

DR Harris Windsor: a super-sophisticated fougere in the classic British style.

B&M Seville: When it comes to citrus, it’s a tough choice in a crowded field. Love this given that it is softer on the citrus yet closer to barbershop.

And I could go on! Love T&H Apsley too by the way!

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(cream & matching balms) the Proraso single blade line - Wood & Spice (woody, churchy, and spectacular !!!) ...and Cypress & Vetiver...there's like a manly earthy dirtiness to the Cypress & Vetiver that I would put in the same realm as some Creed scents, but at a tenth of the price.
Nuavia Blu
Wholly Kaw King of Bourbon
Ariana & Evans Signature
Barrister & Mann Lavanille
Barrister & Mann Baudelaire
The Holy Black Gunpowder Spice
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