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Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by BBS Kirk, Jan 10, 2019.

    How are they? I was thinking about getting one. I did see they contain parabens though.

  1. I tried them all. Its high priced snake oil IMO. Skin Bracer works just as well.
  2. Thank you!
  3. Do they all contain parabens or just the Emulsion?

    They're pretty good products.
  4. Good question. May have to go search for this answer.
  5. Pepin

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    I use Myrsol F/Extra, the Blue, Aqua Balsamica, and K. I find them to be good quality products.
    None of the above list parabens in them. I will replace them when I have used them up.

    The Aqua Balsamica is similar to Spieck, a herbal healing splash.
  6. Skin Bracer is a quality product IMHO!! Tough to beat if you are looking for menthol. :a14::a14:
  7. I have Formulas C (violet) and K (peppermint). Love the feel from the juice, love the menthol kick, and the scents are great!
  8. sarimento1

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    Love my 2 Myrsols, F and K!!

  9. bobmsp

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    Antesol is my favorite. No parabens. I bought a 1L bottle when you were still able to ship splashes from overseas. At that point it was cheaper too. $11 or 12 for the smaller bottles. At $25-30 for a small bottle I’m not sure I’d buy. But I don’t have to worry about that for a long time.
  10. I have antesol too its great
    The bottle is super cool too
    Its best to get samples or sniff test at somewhere like Pasteur
    I didnt care for the lemon flavor
  11. I checked my Myrsol products. Only the Emulsion contains parabens. However, having finished already one I can wholeheartedly say that it deserves a try. Amazing product.

    Agua de Limon is a classic.
  12. I have the K - it is a very good product. It is not at all like SB or another other low-shelf product. I don't like SB but I do like Barbasol Brisk which is also a totally different 'green' product. Myrsol K is a mint refresher, very pepperminty actually. It has the same aromatherapy-effect that I get from using a good quality peppermint EO. Myrsol K doesn't have a fougere or a 'barbershop' fragrance at all so comparing to those types of products is misleading.

    I believe the Myrsol bottle is 180 ml and it's $30 at some retailers. So that's $0.16 per ml.
    "Fine" AS splashes are 100 ml bottles; American is $20 at some shops, so thatt's $0.20 per ml.
    If I spend correctly, shipping is free so that's not a factor for me. The $0.04 per ml difference isnt' a matter to me but I do see people saying Myrsol is expensive without trying to see what the cost per ml is.

    Sure, Brisk and SB and AV and the like are less expensive. So is cold water and air.
    It's really all about what one is looking for.
    To me, the low-shelf options are serviceable and I do use them on occasion. WhenI want an actual bracing 'Minty' pick me up with good face feel afterwards, I grab the K; nothing else that I've tried is similar or even close.
  13. Formula C and K are not their best offerings if you ask me. Too much menthol and the scents are similar to Vicks cough drops etc.
  14. Weird, I feel both are excellent. Great menthol and nothing like Vick’s.
  15. I had to give them both to my brother after a few uses.
    I feel that Mennen has a more pleasant scent.
  16. That’s was nice of you. See, I find Mennen to be in an entirely different category. :001_smile
  17. Somnos

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    I have the Aqua Balsamica that was PIFd to me by @thorongil along with a wonderful Simpson Wee Scot and I must say I am impressed with the product. Wonderful face feel and scent. Today I combined it with Musgo Real Lavender and though I have the matching AS for the B&M Tuesday soap, it will be a good combination me thinks also. I would try more from Myrsol however, I have a Maltese Falcon on my shoulder...LOL.
  18. Agua Balsamica pairs nicely with the Nuavia Blu.
  19. Yes the Aqua Balsamica is a great combo with Musgo Real Lavender.

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