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My travel razor experiences

During my holiday preparations I had decided to spend my entire trip shaving with a packet Bic Disposable razors, I was reluctant to travel with any of my treasured razors for fear of losing them; but as I was about to leave I came to my senses and slapped myself for being such an idiot, nearly two weeks with a Bic:eek: So I stepped back inside and retrieved my most treasured razor, a modest 1937 schick injector and a pack of platinum plus blades. My whole holiday would have been ruined by the Bic's and yet I was seconds away to commiting myself to a fortnight of subpar shaves for the sake of convenience:blushing: The point of this post? (You may well ask!) I don't actually use my injector very often due to problems with procuring the blades on a consistent basis, but everytime I do use it I am amazed at just how spectacular the results are. For those who have kept track of my progress, you will know that I have had a lot of trouble maintaining a suitable angle, yet the schick solves this problem, the angle is built in. At the same time it allows you to develop a superior touch with the razor as well as helping you to indentify the optimum angle. After using the schick non stop for twelve days the quality of my shaves has improved exponentially, I am much more confident and certain with the razor and I am sure that this improvement in form and technique will carry over when I start using DE's again.
The moral of the story? If you are a novice and you are struggling with a DE, the Injector maybe the solution to your problem(s)>
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