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My story of falling in love with Wet Shaving

Well that depends on what are you looking for in a razor, doesn't it. The main difference between the Futur and the Chinese imitations is the lack of tight clamping in the Chinese razors that results in a less rigid blade. The Futur clamps it much tighter and the rigidness adds to the aggressive feeling many users are afraid of. Second difference - The Futur @5 equals @6 on the Ming Shi (on most of the Ming Shi's, not all). Third difference - the Futur has more exposure compared to the Chinese imitations. Need I say this adds to the aggression. Last, but not least - The Chinese razors are at least 25-27 grams lighter. Don't get me wrong, I like very much the shave of the Ming Shi 2000s and use it quite often. The Chinese manufacturers just made the Futur a bit milder, because otherwise it wouldn't have so many sales worldwide. I am one of the few users who appreciate very aggressive razors and have a slight preference toward the Futur.
The OP did one of the worst mistakes indeed. A Futur for a first razor. That's why you shouldn't believe everything you read on shaving forums. Take it always with a grain of salt. After many years of reading and trying many razors and blades I'vr read about, I now take most of it with a few grains of salt.
The NT Vigour Futur clone is considerably heavier than the real deal.


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First off...welcome, comrade.

Here are my suggestions:

RazoRock Lupo SS SB .72

Semogue Pharos synthetic brush

Blades: Shark Platinum/Lord Silver Star/Gillette Wilkinson Sword (a tuck of each)

Mitchell's Wool Fat soap

Barrister and Mann Bay Rum aftershave
R41 it is.

After a lot of forum searching and analysis, I decided to go for R41 and see how that pans out.

I already had a Muhle R89 so just ordered the head/plate and used that with my R89 handle.

What a difference does this thing make, and exceptionally efficient razor. I get a pretty good shave in just one pass.

My take

1. Its not as scary as people make it out to be, yes the angle is different and the feel of the razor is more. But I was able to get going with my current technique. But the results are out of the world, what a difference does this razor make.

I also have figured out that the blade is not much of a change agent in my case, i have used Personna Red's, Perma Sharps, GSB, Gillette 7'0 Clock Black, Nacets all with great results. I feel the prep ( pre-shave oil, pre-shave cream, shaving cream make much more of a difference).

I now shave everyday with just 1 pass (R41) or two passes (R89) and that works for me. I don't aim for a BBS but a very good shave and very fast.

I was going to suggest buying only the R41 head from either Maggards or Your Shaving. I did this and had the same result as you. This lead to me buying the R41 GS (stainless) which is just different enough to keep both in my rotation. If you get the urge for another razor in the future, I have found the Karve brass C. B. to be exceptional. This was my second razor and I have gone from the CB "B" plate to a rotation of the CB "G" and OC "F". I have a number of more expensive razors, but I find none are better.

One other suggestion I would make. If you buy something (razors & blades in particular) that doesn't preform as hoped, keep it to try again at a later date. Your technique will evolve and many times something that was just OK becomes a WOW.
Cartridge saved forever, repaired and sold barber chair parts as a side business. Each time I would go and buy a chair or barber related item, I would ask seller what else they had for sale. Purchased gobs of straight razors and eventually switched over shaving with them. Became to be a hassle so pulled out a Gillette aristocrat that was in a brass case with purple lining. After the first down pass by left ear where I have a wrinkle and didn’t pull taunt figured this was going to be a short lived method of hair removal. After a few shaves called my father and explained how upset I was that he never introduced me to double edge shaving. Bopped around from one vintage razor to another, finally accepted this is how I will shave until I died. Purchased a feather as-d2 then a Rex ambassador. Best purchases ever, wet shaving is so gratifying.
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