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My request for having La Toja Manantiales back in production


B&B's Man in Italy
Gentlemen, as most of you already know, the great La Toja Manantiales shaving soap is no longer available, since discontinued by the manufacturer. Our friend Emanuel (oversaturn) time ago posted a thread on the subject, but the Henkel Iberica group has not taken a clear position yet and, from what I know, has not revealed yet what they will do in the near future. Hence, I wanted to forward another e-mail to them with another request and see if there is any update or new info. It is here:

“Dear Sir/Madame,

As an active member of the Badger & Blade community, the largest and most respected wet shaving community in the World, I would like first of all to thank you for your wonderful line of products and fantastic customer service. I would also like to renew a formerly forwarded request and know if there's any chance to have the famous La Toja Manantiales jabon de afeitar back in production. This was your very best and most prestigious item, loved by many shaving soaps aficionados all around the World. And with the renaissance of traditional wet shaving it is now highly sought after. I know that you still make the La Toja shaving stick, which is excellent under every aspect, but not quite the same as the superior performing shaving soap in wooden bowl. Hence, I would greatly appreciate if you could take my request in consideration for the near future.

Thank you kindly,

Marco of B&B"

I will post their reply as soon as I'll get it. If anyone else is interested in sending an e-mail here is again the contact with the Henkel Iberica group : [email protected]
This would be great,I hope they take heed to Marcos request.Would be nice to have it in a Proraso size ,sturdy tub.
I never got to try Manantiales but the stick is my favorite. I'd love to see it come back and offered as a refill as well.
How did this soap compare to the stick that I currently have ? I was not able to try it, but do enjoy the shaving stick. Are the two different ?

I recently got the Manantiales aftershave and am undecided on it thus far.


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Good luck on your quest Marco! Would it help if we all sent a similar email?

Couldn't hurt, right?

I don't usually put much faith in these e-mail efforts, but what is there to lose really.

I'm in.


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I thought the 1882 version was the best, it had fairy dust sprinkled on it and came in a unicorn bowl. :lol:

But seeing as we'll never get that version because of the worldwide unicorn shortage, I'm happy to try to bring back the Manantiales in the wooden bowl from just the past few years.

I'm not one prone to get involved in an emailing campaign, but this is an exception. I've tried dozens of soaps, and La Toja Manantiales is my all-time favorite. It provides more cushion than any other I've tried. If, by writing an email, it helps bring this back to the shelves, count me in.

This soap was a fraud. It was more expensive than stick and was the same.


Look here in 3rd pg.

A year ago La Toja changed soap´s formulation. And Manantiales have not been made again.

Manantiales is equal to maroon stick not to red. The red is the new one and this soap is worse than older.

The best soap made from La Toja was the brown soap, in ´80.

Teiste, Oversaturn, Luis...we need our Spanish friends to give us their knowledge about these soaps! Teamwork with the Spanish forums!

If we can get them to make it again, I would rather not pay for the bowl (I have a vintage one :001_tt2:).
All right Luvmysuper but don´t pay more tha €1,5 per 50 gr. like normal stick LaToja. Manantiales was €14,5 for 150 (almost €5 for 50gr)


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All right Luvmysuper but don´t pay more tha €1,5 per 50 gr. like normal stick LaToja. Manantiales was €14,5 for 150 (almost €5 for 50gr)

I'd be happy with something similar to be honest, and no need for the wooden bowl (although it is kind of neat) just something to refill the bowl.
Unfortunately, I haven't found anything similar.

There are plenty of products out there, and plenty that would keep me happy the rest of my shaving days, but variety is the spice of life, and when this was discontinued, I lost one of the spices that I liked.
If you want to refill your wooden bowl, try to grind a stick of LaToja and then press to became in a piece for you bowl. You´ll get the same soap at least price.

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I just sent off an e-mail as well, good luck my friend.
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