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My journey with wet shaving and prostate cancer...

Today is was my continuing journey with Proraso Red ..... I have to say I am enjoying it.

Trying different amounts of water, face lathering vs bowl lathering.

My Fat handle Tech is just awesome with a BIC blade with a few shaves on it.


I have Proraso Red preshave but it’s not really necessary... but it does moisturise my skin nicely.

I have to pick up some Proraso Red aftershave to complete the set.

I used green this morning.

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Hey Y,all
I thought I would finally resurrect this thread and let Y'all know what has happened, just in case anyone may have been wondering.... Probably not ;-)

Well I have grown a full beard so don't shave as much but I still use an old Gold Gillette, I cant remember the model or year 1958 I think and it was owned by an airline pilot before me and was in pristine condition. But after 5 years of use not so pristine now but like all Gillette razors its fantastic.
My wife brought me some Mitchells Wool Fat soap, and that is where my experimentation stopped as with our water PH etc it's perfect, blades last forever. I only change them because I think I should not because they need it tho my current one is pushing 4 or 5 month. (I do pull the razor to bits and clean it)

On the health front; not so cheery.
March last year I had my prostate out as a biopsy showed it had advanced to a Gleason score of 7 4:3 so out it came.
Luck it did as a tumor had stated to grow right on the edge so good decision to have it out.
After that I got a MRSA infection which guarantees me a room by myself in hospital. Then my diverticulitis flared up just about every month from June last year and I had bowel surgery exactly 12 months to the day of my prostate surgery, loosing 12 inches of plumbing, and things have been great since the op and I have managed to stay out of hospital since.

Plus I have a new job back servicing copiers again :)

So that is my story and where I have been, no real excuse for not posting so much. :)
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