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My journey with wet shaving and prostate cancer...

Not too much happening but I did get to try Haslinger Ringelblumen, wow this stuff is nice and performs really well. The after shave face feel is brilliant. So I will use it again tomorrow.

I have been given a date for my next biopsy and after that I tell my youngest daughter...

Oh well I will deal with that then and now back to watching Dark Matter... awesome show and family friendly.
Hey guys i have been really slack with the Journal... We have had a few dramas here but things are generally good but I have been active in the Great Southern Lands board doing Steward stuff.... trying to get conversations going, leading threads go totally off topic .... usual stuff.

Great Southern Land (Australia/NZ)

Drop in and say "Hi..” we love visitors..... There is alway room and a chair by the open fire... Just between the Taniwha and the Bunyip ... just keep an eye on the Drop Bear, he is up in the rafters somewhere and he bites..... and will also pinch you beer if you put it down.

I have been shaving with loads of different gear that was in the Aussie Pass Around box and had some amazing shaves.

Today’s shave was Proraso Red Shave Cream and Preshave with a Proraso Blue Aftershave Balm chaser... it was lovely.

I am still really digging my 1920’s Gillette Old Type Open Comb with w Perma Sharp Blade .... The best most consistent shaves I have ever had.



The drama that we have had is that a few weeks ago our 2 year old Doberman Grimm turned on and nipped my 9 year old daughter, It wasn’t a Put to Sleep offence (it was close) but on advice from our trainer and breeder we rehomed him (with full discloser) to an amazing couple who can’t have kids and are into IPO training and sheep herding and live on a farm. Grimm gets on amazingly well with their Shepard so in the end it worked out really well as he will be getting the training and exercise he needs and that I couldn’t give him recently.... So we are all rather sad about it... but is was an answer to prayer. If Grimm does well he will be competing all over Australia..

Many years ago we had King Charles Cavaliers so we got one of them and my wife surprising us all yesterday with this wee guy Maestro.... who is 8 weeks old sleeps through the night and hasn’t so far pooped or wee’d inside... also an answer to prayer... my daughters... :001_rolle


Oh almost forgot apart form the occasion sore day where i can work form home I have been pretty good the last week or so.
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Guess what.... I'm being slack again...

Well the day has arrived for biopsy number 2....


I have been dreading the after affects of this but I have been assured that because I was one of the lucky ones that pulled up a bit rough after the first one. The surgeons will handle me a bit different this time.

1 in 1000 (that makes me special) have issues for as long as I did. Most guys get over it in less than two weeks.

Also my youngest daughter now knows about the cancer so she is chill about it so that's a relief.

Any hoo ... not being allowed to eat makes me super hungry even tho sometimes I skip breakfast... go figure.

I also get to spend the afternoon with my wonderful daughter In law Jess who will be picking me up.

And I always feel pretty good straight after a general anaesthetic ... Saturday I will possibly feel crap but I get pampered for the next few days.

Today I think I will shave with the St Charles Check 6 soap as thats exactly what the team at the hospital will be doing. [emoji15]

Oh well better get back to bed I have had my antibiotics and my tiny glass of water

See ya on the flip side. [emoji854][emoji106][emoji1604]

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My prayers are going out to you and yours!!!!

Thanks it's all over ... and yes I used the check 6 this morning and my favourite Gold Gillette Tech.

So far it's better than last time. Less blood. [emoji106][emoji1604]

I still have to drink heaps. It's a shame it's not beer.

I'll keep y'all posted.


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Reporting in the day after ... virtually no side affects this time I am a bit tender but no blood where it should t be.

So thanks God and you guys for upholding me in prayer and good thoughts. It has paid off... [emoji106][emoji1604][emoji1604]

On a side note it was Fathers Day here recently and I was given $50 and I was going to buy a heap of soap but I brought this Zenith 28mm Boar Brush it's a special order. I am looking forward to receiving it.
It's model name is Big Scrubby


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Day two after a general .... even a light one ...... yuck. Another day in bed I think. But I'll have a shower and a shave later.

Still I have this wee fella to keep me company he is always up for snuggles

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Maestro didn't complain about being snuggled up with dad under the blankets most of the day.

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Two weeks on and the side affects are much less but still in a fair amount of discomfort.... I had to get some stronger pain killers.

And I haven’t gotten the results back yet.

On a bright note my father day gift arrived the monster 28 mm Zenith Boar Brush. The Bog Scrubby


It next to its little brother the 28mm Manchurian


And it next to my gold Ball End Tech so you guys can get an appreciation of just how big Scrubby really is.


And it loaded up to defunk it really smelt like wet pig.


That was with Mama Bear’s Bounty.... I should probably used her bacon scented soap.... I might do that tomorrow morning. With it being a Boar Brush.. [emoji854]

Btw Fathers Day here is in September.

It’s a lovely brush and really soft but it is so different to use. Some soaps give great lather and some it doesn’t ... I am not sure why. The Manchurian is pretty constant.

If you guys have any hints for a Boar noob.

I love the huge handle it is really light.

I am looking forward to it breaking in as one guy who also has this brush says it is magnificent and an easy favourite of his. Mine is nice enough now.

The new brush is apparently a special order from Zenith and here in Aussie that means it’s pretty much unobtainium.... I might just have the only one in Aussie.

I better get some sleep I have been sore all day and came home from work to drug up and finish the website testing.

I am looking forward to using Scrubby tomorrow with some bacon soap. If seems king of wrong to do that some how. [emoji106][emoji1604]

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