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My Journey with a Blackland Vector


My journey started with Vector 2 months ago. I pursued this razor to find a tool that would provide a good head shave. Although some of my mild DE’s did ok they missed the mark to the point that shaving the dome with a cartridge was a better much quicker shave that did not require much thought.

I own the machined version Vector because I thought that with Shane’s simplistic design of the Vector the polished version was overstated.

Out the box my first shave was great however I was not happy with the extremely thin handle and the razor was dainty vs. my DE and GEM collection (especially when one of your DE's is a Timeless with the 100mm handle). The more I experimented with different handles I continued to come back to the stock Vector handle. It provided the maneuverability necessary to compliment the razor.

I discovered that blade angle is not as important with Vector as with other single edge razors (especially GEM's). You can go shallow or steep and shave unscathed. The amount of pressure is also not much of an issue as long as you do not get careless.

Fast? How fast would you like to shave? This baby can go through the gears without missing a whisker or creating a wound. The narrow head and cap allow me to shave in any direction: chin, neck, around my ears, and under my nose with confidence.

I like that I can get a good shave with several different blades (we like choices). KAI mild, KAI Protouch, Proline, Feather Pro, and Feather Super all performed well. I get the smoothest most efficient shave from the Feather Pro when I reduce my speed (very sharp blade) and I get the most consistent shave with the Proline without speed concerns. I have tried both creams and soaps with the Vector and prefer cream with the Vector.

There are a couple of downsides to the Vector:

It will screw up you razor rotation and force you to pick up a razor other than the Vector to justify keeping your collection together. However as good as the Vector is, I'm still keeping my other toys in the rotation especially to enjoy and appreciate the history of the older razors (don't mess with my Aristocrat or G Bar).

Be careful, cover the drain, the Vector parts (head and base) are so small that if you slip or fumble it’s down the drain before you can react and then you are on the bench for the remainder of the game.

I like to disassemble my razors for cleaning after every shave, so with the Vector when you disassemble the razor for cleaning or a blade change and then reattach the handle, take the time to properly line it up. It's not a big deal but it takes more attention than your other handles.

Finally due to very tight build tolerances and the dainty head changing the blade takes some concentration or you will bleed.

The Vector is a nice surprise, from just a razor to shave my head to a total shaver.



Yes ATT SE1. Also tried the new Supply injector. So a little experience with an AC style, an injector style and several DE's.

Once I found the Vector and enjoyed its performance experimenting with others was over.
Great write-up! For those having a tough time with assembly and disassembly there's a short video on Instagram @blacklandrazors from a couple weeks ago that shows the best process well. That video or one like it will make its way to the website at some point.
Perfect write up on all counts. I constantly have to make myself play with my other toys. When I travel, the vector comes along 99% of the time since I won't have a choice on what to use, i just use my favorite.