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My herited Gillette Tech


Jarmo P

I am not sure to whom it belonged. I visited my grandparent's house. They are gone but I found this razor. I think it belonged to my uncle though it could have been my grandfather's too.

It is like in this thread:

A short one, perhaps 1 mm longer than the Feather portable.
And I have to confess, as much as I preferred my Merkur HDs over to my SuperSpeeds, that this is a fine razor too.

I got a really nice shave, some stubble there was feeling after I got my 3 pass shave left, but that is not much. No irritation that I used to get from my SS's and thought I am no Gillette guy.

Compared to Feather portable (as it is a Tech clone) the blade gap is mighty even with my Tech. Not as aggressive too since I like the milder razors. And the blade adjustment goes onto the blade flaps. It worked well with the Red package Personna I loaded to the Tech.

This is a good razor I think.
I love my Techs!!

Simple to shave with, fairly mild, and built like a tank to last through several life times. Short of repeatedly dropping it on the floor, I am not sure how you would break a Tech. :biggrin:
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