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My first boar brush

I picked up this Omega boar brush tonight at a local shave shop on a whim. I don't know much about it, but it says Pura Setola, Made in Italy. I originally went in there for blades only but when I saw their brush selection I remembered I'd always wanted to try a boar hair for my soaps. I've been using a pure badger up until now. Is there anything special I need to do to prep this brush? Or is it good to go? And is there is anything different as far as drying goes.


I have the same brush. Bought it to replace my short lived VDH brush. It's pretty good. The handle on yours looks better than mine, very nice grain.. Didn't need any real break in. Went through the basic deodorizing process, but it was already pretty soft unlike the VDH and definitely produces adequate lather. Just follow the break in procedure on the wiki, that pretty much got rid of the smell. Hang it in the little holder that came with it (the thing that held it in the tube)...no extraordinary care required.
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That's a great brush! I really like the handle.
I would give it a day in between shaves to dry out. Other than that, use and enjoy it.


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Whoa, that's great! Do you know the model number? Good lookin' brush, Taylor.
Brush update, I'm soaking it in hot water and soap. Hopefully this gets rid of that awful smell. At first I thought it wasn't that bad until I put it under some water and all that animal came out into my nose. Thanks for the links.
$Omega2.jpg $Omega3.jpg
Nice brush! What shave shop did you visit that is close to Los Angeles. If I haven't been there, I would like to check it out.


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Probably best to alternate daily usage with your other brush. That will give your new boar time to dry out between shaves, which is supposed to assist in having the ends split. That said, I see no issue with daily usage. After all, it's a shaving brush. :straight:
I'm loving that handle. That may even look as good as my (dare I say it..... or better) Semogue SOC with the cherry handle :a47: .

Great brush! Enjoy.

Unlike your badger, it's going to take a while to break in. It will work, but it will get better.

Avoid the impulse to place it near your nose and inhale.


Lather it up with Arko or Tabac and the funk will go away quickly. BTW that is a very nice looking brush, congrats.