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My butterscotch restore

As stated in another thread found an old Kent Butterscotch KS7 handle at an antique shop for a very good price.


The original brush was a boar and the bristles were pretty dirty, brittle and unusable.

After doing heaps of reading on restoring old brushes and after some playing around found that the glue holding the old knot in was so dry and brittle that I was able to pull out the bristle with little effort by hand.

A quick trip to The Golden Nib, some suggestions from B&B and Tony from TGN and on order was a new 20mm Fine Two Band with extra filling.

Now is it a bit obsessive when you pack a little kit with sand paper and epoxy and take it to work every day to install the knot as soon as it arrives ? :001_tt2:

So it arrived today and it's all in and good.

I face lather and primarily use soaps so think it should be exactly what I'm looking for.

I'll chuck a post-bloom picture up after a weekend of use.

Thanks to everyone on B&B who helped me with the project and thanks to Tony from TGN.

Oh for those who like numbers:

Handle 47mm
Knot Hole Diameter 22mm
Knot Diameter 20mm
Loft 48mm

( all measurements taken with my highly accurate freebie plastic ruler :001_unsur)

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That's a nice little brush you've got there! Those butterscotch brushes have a really cool vintage look to them, and I WANT ONE!!! *scrambles to the nearest antique store*
That Hoffritz just makes me drool every time I see it!

OP, I recently bought something extremely similar off of lax1mxr. The thing is amazing with soaps and creams! A nice little workhorse.

Mine is the one in the center, obviously.
OP, I recently bought something extremely similar off of lax1mxr. The thing is amazing with soaps and creams! A nice little workhorse.


That went up on BST the same day I found mine. Been waiting for the knot to arrive from the U S of A :glare:

Thanks for the feedback, good to know as yes they are VERY similar.

I'm tempted to try it out right now, but I'll wait till tomorrow just to give the epoxy time to set.

Post bloom to follow..... :biggrin1:
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Soaked and soaped her last night.

Up this morning , quickly check my email and find an email from Kent. I'd emailed them to ask them what the could tell me about a KS7 and if they perhaps had any stickers left. Wasn't really expecting too much back.

"I have been able to trace the brush back to 1949. It was a white bristle brush with what was described as "Special" shape brush and the cost was in old money seventeen shillings and 6 pence (17/6) which what would be now around 80p. I think it was in our economy range.
Sorry we have not had any of those stamps for many many years now."

What great service.

So soak her up in the scuttle, have my shower, load her up with Tabac. Theres more than enough backbone in her for soaps and.....

WOW...this brush is soft !!! Maybe it's because I'm coming from a Menu-U Pure Bristle and the only other Badger I've tried is a Virtual Village ( which is "spikey" ).

I cannot see how spending the extra money on Silvertip could make it any softer. In fact, if I have any criticism, maybe I should have gone DOWN a level in grade to get some more scrubbing....

It's beautifully dense and the size and circumference of the bloom is pretty much exactly what I wanted ( I wanted similar to the Men-u in loft and bloom )

All in all a happy, happy little shaver here :w00t:

So here she is post-bloom . In the spirit of the era shaved with my #16 this morning which also comes from around 1949 :001_smile

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It won't be much scrubbier from what I've heard. This is the best all around Golden Nib knot for someone who wants soft but not floppy
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