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My bathroom smells like Acqua di Gio


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The bottle's smashed, but my, does it make a room smell nice.

RIP. :blush:


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Unlike Josh's namby pamby little decant, this was a 100mL bottle. :lol:

I mopped the floor, and the room still smells like it.
I haven't broken anything...yet. But that is a nice side benefit of wet shaving. The shave den smells wonderful.

It could have been worse... A guy on here a few months back had a glass bottle of The Veg break and went all over his living room carpet
My home office (a.k.a. computer playroom) smells like Eau Sauvage after a sample vial arrived in the mail, broken in half. After wiping my desk with surface disinfectant (i.e, mostly ethanol and propanol) it is no longer very noticeable, but cups of hot tea placed on the wrong spot on the desk still smell funny...
This reminds me of when I was a kid, my friend and I used to light fires in the bathroom with cologne. My mom just thought we really liked the smell.
I have the fear of dropping mine just about every morning. The bottle is much more slippery than I would prefer with a little condensation on it...