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FS MWF, Soap Commander, Cologne + Extras

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Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and has a happy new year!

I know everyone starts their sabbaticals now but I have some items I've been trying to get rid of for a while for decluttering purposes. I'd strongly prefer to sell everything as a set for $60 Shipped via PayPal or as two individual sets (Soaps/Creams: $25 Shipped and Colognes $40 Shipped). If that doesn't happen or there are people interested in multiple items, I will break it up and list individual prices below. To serve as incentive, I will be including a surprise blade sampler pack with some of my favorite DE blades and a free soap.

-SoapCommander Courage (80-85%): Great vegan soap, just have others that I use more
$10 -Mitchell's Wool Fat (MWF) (99%): Scent is not my style, plus I found it hard to lather. It is a refill puck lathered 2x. It comes with all original packaging.
$5 -Tri-Coastal Design Maligu Black Shave Cream and Brush: Received as part of a Christmas set with an accompanying brush (boar?). The cream is unused but has a hole poked in the aluminum cover from me being curious about the scent, which was actually pleasant. The brush is also unused and seems very very stiff.

Included for free is a puck of Oliviana Shave Soap. It is one of those soaps sold at Target and Walmart for only a few $$. The scent is quite nice actually, but performance is as one would expect.

-Calvin Klein IN2U For Men: Brand new bottle, sprayed 3 times. No box.
$20 -Duke Cannon Supply Co. Solid Cologne: This is is a concentrated cologne balm (consistency is like wax, but melts on your finger tips) that you rub on your fingers and then onto your skin. The scent is pleasant, very woodsy with some orange, just not my personal style. Used once very little.

IMG_20181213_171216.jpg IMG_20181221_105120.jpg IMG_20181225_224121.jpg IMG_20181225_224134.jpg IMG_20181226_091453.jpg IMG_20181227_154002.jpg IMG_20190102_185122.jpg IMG_20190102_185129.jpg IMG_20181227_153954.jpg
I wasn't sure if I wanted to add this for sale, but I have decided I do. It's a Razorock game changer .68 with a super knurl handle plus the case. I have to clean it but it is in excellent condition. $55 shipped.

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