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Musgo Real Aftershave Packaging

Greetings all,

I recently purchased some Musgo Real aftershave after reading Joel's review and finding $25 that was just burning a hole in my pocket. The product I received, however, does not look like what I had expected (e.g., cool cork box and labeling, which, incidently, was pictured on the website [sensto-senso]). Rather, it is a rather plain green and white box, simple label on the bottle. Has the packaing changed or did I go about ordering the wrong thing? As always, thanks for the info.

Kindest regards,

Hmmm - sounds like the wrong thing my friend. How odd. Is it a musgo product? I have heard a few complaints on sensto - any chance you could take a pic of it and post it?
hi randy,

i too have a container and packaging similiar to that which joel posted. the product is one of the best aftershaves i have tried. per joel, i would contact sesto and get it straightened out.

I recently (a month ago) bought the Musgo and it came in the cork box with cork labeling ?? Perhaps you have a different Musgo product ?
Weird, just like Cliff, I ordered some musgo a month ago from qed, and I got the cork box and purdy bottle.

This is what is on the back of the box, which I've noticed is different than what Joel posted.

This updated formulation of our classic fragrance (a mix of vetyver and patchouli) has been enhanced with extract of aloe to sooth and calm, hamamelis (witch hazel) to tone and firm, and echinacea to promote healing of just shaved skin.

Could this simply be an updated product? It smells very nice and sounds like it's got a host of stuff that's good for you. I haven't used it yet, but did put a bit on my finger and noticed that the stuff was quite slippery (for lack of a better term), almost like a gel but in liquid form.

Apparently Musgo has redesigned the look. I'm trying to find out if the formulation has changed as well - will post if I hear anything.

Okay, the formulation is the same, Musgo just changed the packaging. So, mystery solved. Thanks for all of the input.

Well, that's certainly a little bit of a let down. The cork added a certain "ooooh" factor.

The bottle I purchased about four years ago is heavy glass with a restrictor in the opening. The box it came in was dark green and white. BTW, it is a great aftershave.
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