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Multi day usage of single lather?

I have done it on soaps I really liked. I would squeeze out the lather from the brush back onto the puck. I didn't notice any issues from doing this. Lately I've been using the soap to just wash my face after I'm done, I am also frugal, I want to use it for something lol.


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Bottom line as far as I'm concerned is it can be done, but why bother? I'm all for saving some $ and minimizing waste, but I'm using pennies and a dollop every shave. Consider looking into a Simpson's Wee Scott if a smaller knot would serve you better.

On a fun note if you're willing to go the next step read this and have a thunk on it-

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Excess lather is great for this....

For the wife, of course. It helps her wake up.
I face lather and look forward to whip up a nice lather before a shave.

The idea of using the same lather for consecutive days would never occur to me as a) I like my lather warm, b) I have a hard time imagining that the lather after 24 hrs would still be up to my standards, and c) I would under no circumstances leave lather in a brush with natural fibres longer than necessary.

So for me that the answer is a categorical no.

Tried searching to see if this has been discussed; couldn’t find anything. (Maybe my search of “Multi-day usage” wasn’t honed enough. However; after perusing twenty three pages of results, I decided to post this query.

Anyone use ONE lather for MULTIPLE days? I’ve always been a bowl lather guy, and I scoop dedicated amounts based on soap brand (It’s usually 1/4 tsp, but some soaps, like Stirling, require a slight bit more). But, I normally end up with quite a bit left, after my shave.

I do have a full beard, so my usage will be significantly less than those doing a true full shave (I do neck/throat, and cheeks above the mouth line) Flushing all that excess kind of grated on me, I’m pretty frougal.

Stumbled upon a YouTube video of a fella getting a second days’ use, and decided to try it myself. A little rehydrating, and I was surprised that the soap (first try was PAA) worked just as well as day one. I’ve experimented with several brands with varying results: Stirling saw some diminished results on day two, Seaforth was solid for two days, PAA has yielded THREE days from a single lather, though day 3 wasn’t quite as slick, still passable, A&E, surprisingly, was pretty much unusable for a second day (it’s my favorite brand though), and Black Ship yielded mixed results (Grace didn’t fare well, but several others did🤷‍♂️).

I am a three pass and a cleanup guy, so it’s not like I’m going crazy with an excess amount of lather for day one.

Anyone else get multiple days use from a single lather???
Absolutely. However, It's usually because I have some product left in the bowl in addition to the residual lather from the previous day. I have difficulty envisioning a hearty lather from just leftover lather, but I have loaded my bowl with extra soap, just so I WOULD have leftover product for the next day.
A few years ago, I seemed to have read about some fellow B&B members who would not rinse out the lather from their brushes and bowls and re-use the residue for the next shave. This seemed to be quite popular among Williams soap users.

I have never subscribed to that methodology myself.

On a fun note if you're willing to go the next step read this and have a thunk on it-

Shave Like my Grampa

(First thought it said, "Shave Like My Grandma".)

The OP seems to still be alive; that could be taken as an endorsement of his method.

Even though I, too, have too much soap, there is also the aversion to waste. For me, often shaving a second time, 10 hours later, is an obvious way to utilize the leftovers.
Combo-blend mash-ups in the bowl are another opportunity.
Remnant lather makes a fine pre-shave.
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I went down a similar path in the past and it did not end well. I didn't wash out my brush and bowl. I still added more soap every time, but thought I was being economical. The problem was I was decreasing the amount of product and the slickness of my lather was getting worse and worse. But like the frog in the slowly warming pot, I didn't notice it. I started getting airy lather and also more weepers. It isn't worth it.

My advice would be to use your soap like you hate it, load it up with vigor! The per use cost is incredibly low and you are worth the luxurious lather you can make.
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