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Muhle Synthetic, 23mm, Lather off!

I just got my Muhle 23mm Synthetic and had to run it through some of my main soaps. Here ya go:

Up first.. MWF!
The loading went extremely fast and easy. It wasn't as airy as it starts out like when I use my other brushes. Creamier. Definitely decent. When I brushed it on my face the brush felt definitely different than badgers or boars. It did give me a slick, cushiony lather but it was kind of cold and not very scritchy. I will try a shave tomorrow but Im betting it will be good!

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Here is Tabac. This was the soap that really surprised me! This brush lathered it quicker (and better) than any of my brushes. It was shocking!

I am quite surprised at the results I got. I got some extremely good lather but I didnt get the same "feel" on my face. i.e.. It doesn't exfoliate the same as my natural brushes. I won't really know until I try some shaves how it works out but so far my main complaint is cool lather. Otherwise, this is a crazy brush! It has decent backbone and feels really "smooth" on my face. Smoother than my Shavemac and Thater silver tips!


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I prefer a cooler lather anyway, tepid or so, not hot. I use warm water to soak my brush while I shower and when I get out it's about right where I want it. During the summer I use colder water and cold shave, too. Shouldn't have any issues with my STF 2.0 when it gets here. :)


Loves a smelly brush
I'll definitely try it, I have a bit of my Tabac sample left. I wonder how it will like Calani and Speick if it likes German soaps. ;)
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