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Muhle Rocca vs Edwin Jagger 3ONE6

Those are the 2 I have. Had the birch handle one as well, but sold it as I didn't like how it balanced. The birch handle felt great, but is lighter weight than the other two....made the razor more head heavy. I like the R94 best as well. I use the R96 handle on my 3one6 as I don't care for the EJ handle.....it's on the thin side. The only way to tell what version you have is to look at the inside of the baseplate. All the different versions have slightly different base plate designs. You most likely have V4 (the latest version) if you bought them new in the last year or two. There is a thread on here somewhere that shows the version differences.
I love the look of the birch handle but I can see how it wouldn't be heavy enough for the head. Honestly, I'd buy just that handle to use with some other lighter heads. I don't have a 3one6 but I've thought that the handle looks thin. That would probably bug me too. I'll see if I can find that thread. Thanks!
The 3One6 is a razor that I just can't help but go back to (as I did this morning). I appreciate that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but I rank the 3One6 as the the most handsome non-vintage razor out there. It shaves damn well too :)

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