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more tips please merkur futur

hi ive been using the merkur futur for about 3 weekes now i shave evey second day beacause is i shave evey day , i get red spots espically on my neck, also i dont find that i get a particuallar close shave on my whole face the checks and jar bone i am abale to get a great shave but my problem areas are my chin , underneith my jaw bone and neck(espcially ) i fins i am still getiing incgrown ahirs and am still irated any tipps espically for my neck , thank you chris
Based on the areas you describe I'd suggest that your not pivoting the blade consistently to maintain the proper angle. Try going slower and moving the handle consistent with the change in plane of your face as you move the razor. In other words, the angle of the blade to skin under your chin should be the same angle on your face because you need to maintain the same angle over all your skin. Additionally, I'd chuck whatever brand of blade your using now and try a few others.

Prep can also be a culprit as the places you describe can have some tough whiskers.
I think those areas you mentioned are the same areas where most of us struggled at first. Try to maintain the correct angle as AFDavis11 stated. If you stretch the skin on your jaw line to raise above the line you will find it easier to get that area smooth. Like you are shaving on a flat surface vs. a ridge. With your neck pay close attention to the direction of the growth and take your time. My neck is sensitive and I don't go against the grain. By reducing the beard with a with the grain pass and then cross grain passes it works out well for me.

I think you will find that with time you will be able to figure out what works best for you. Don't give up...
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