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More no pipe for a while, you can't make this stuff up......

Sharing this because you can't make this stuff up. On 9/8 has a left total knee replacement, after some complications things finally improved, on last day of PT on 11/21 the last exercise the tech said, let's do some bridges. Didn't know what it was, wish I still didn't. After instructions he said do 20, at 18 back started cramping, opps we'll not do any more of those. By Thanksgiving couldn't walk, pain in back and both legs, couple days later, pain eased off, must have just pulled something. Then on Monday after Thanksgiving felt like a freight train hit my right side, the worse pain of my life, back down leg to knee, down leg, felt like knee would blow off, new knee feeling fine. (2) night trips to Ortho Urgent Care, (2) late night trips to hospital ED, picked up an extra upper respiratory infection for free and pink eye, MRI, back injections last Friday, multi level disc compression on nerves, try this first. Push back from insurance for meds, you've already bought a version of this so we will not pay for more, was taking oxy every 3 hours, Dr. put me on time release 2X a day, since I had already filled oxy they wouldn't cover the time release (30) for only $350.00, since the MRI wasn't pre authorized to be expedited, they worked me in the next day, another $1,450, usual pharmacy message now, insurance issue, tell them I'll self pay. Fortunately we have funds to pay, but really..... Hopefully in the next few days will improve or be determined the next steps. Going to have much more empathy for people with back problems. In the middle of the night when you think your going to die from the pain has been eye opening. So, this afternoon if the wind isn't too bad, I'm going to have a pipe, maybe......Merry Christmas!!!
Sorry to hear you have had to endure so much pain and hoping a full recovery will be coming soon. I agree with you about having more empathy for those who suffer from chronic back pain. I have an area in my lower back that gets inflamed (pulled muscle?) when I lift something incorrectly and it takes me out of commission for about week. Getting out of bed or up from a chair has me dropping some cuss words until it heals.


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You poor man. Pain is such an exhausting thing.

There used to be an old saying: If you want to get sick, go to the hospital.

Take solace that you are never alone.

I will be thinking of you, and hope it gets better soon.
You will make it through this. It's a tough time, especially when you have to fight with the insurance bureaucracy over it.

I was headed for wheelchair life but I fought my way to a surgeon who was willing to find and fix the problem (compression of the spinal cord x2).

Don't get discouraged, you can do this.


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I was thinking about this, but what benefit is there doing bridges to rehab a knee!? I don’t get it.
Everyone assumes a Physical Therapist is an expert. But every occupation has people that graduated at the bottom of the class.
I had an incident 2 days after my hip replacement where the Therapist had me putting full weight on my operated hip alone and swinging my non operated leg.
I had no business doing such a maneuver.
It cost me a week setback of agonizing pain.
We are our own best advocate, and have to weigh what we think we can do against the supposed expertise of strangers.
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