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merkur 15c vs 41c

Hello everyone, can anyone tell me if their is a differance between the heads on these two razors? I have a 15C and was thinking of getting something slightly more aggressive.

Thank you
Peter Griebel
You could go stainless and get an iKon OC, or try the Shavecraft 101 head and use the OC side. Both would be more aggressive than the 15c, but not painfully aggressive.


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If you like Merkur, maybe a 34C or a 37C slant. Their open comb razors like the 41C are pretty tame.

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thank you for all the help. I'm new to wet shaving.. about 3 months now. I have a slant and love it, but for everyday use it might me too much. I have very sensitive skin. Im really liking the look of the ikon oc tho, think i might have to get one.

Peter Griebel
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