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Menthol in the Summer - Unexpected Result

After my experience with The Veg, I started paying attention to the effect of other after shaves. Old Spice seems to have a warming effect, and that brought to mind B&B members posting on using menthol soaps and AS on hot days. Though we haven't had many really hot ones this year, on a day with a promised high of 95° F (35° C), I decided to give it a try.

My AS was Skin Bracer. I keep it and Brisk for those times I have irritating shaves. I applied, noticed the cooling effect, and went about my day.

It was on the way to work that I noticed my face felt warmer than usual. Not allergic reaction warm, just warm. I have my vents turned to blow nice, AC air on me, and usually enjoy the cool feeling on my face in the mornings. Not that day. Oh, it felt cool, but not as pleasant as usual.

The rest of the day was about the same. Instead of a cooling effect, I had the opposite. It must be slight, as I haven't noticed this before. OTOH, I hadn't noticed OS was warming, either. Next day I used OS, and things were back to normal.

Has anyone else had this experience? I think that the cooling sensation I get from menthol might have gotten my skin "set" for that or something, so that temperatures felt warmer after the menthol wore off. Maybe the opposite happens with OS?
It’s natural that your skin would take a while to adjust to the heat of the day after a cooling agent (menthol, water, whatever) begins to wear off. It’s the same effect when one walks from an air conditioned house out to the outside on a very hot day, it feels like you walk into a wall of heat.

Usually menthols wear off in fairly short order though. So I’m not sure what you felt all day was the AS unless you did have a slight reaction.

I would test some more if you let so inclined, rather than marking a single experience.
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