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MELTDOWN: Using Shave Sticks in an UNCONVENTIONAL Way!

Thanks to Rik for allowing me to basically steal his thread name! Gents, I love every QED scent I have ever tried, but I don't like the shaving stick format. Just not for me. And at the same time, I don't like trying to lather up my brush in a container of soap that is full to the rim. So, I melt them. I melt them into containers, soup bowls, whatever. Something that gives me room to swirl without making a mess everywhere, and preferably something that has a lid...I want to keep them fresh!

I have melted QED's Lavender, Sandalwood, Peppermint, and today's victim, the Patchouli/Tea Tree/Peppermint Stick. I have also melted Col. Conk's Amber, and Classic's Almond and Lime. Glycerine soaps SHOULD melt okay. Soaps with Bentonite Clay should also be fine. Williams Shave Soap bubbles and turns ugly.


1. You can't melt hard soaps.
2. Be sure you want to melt it. I melted my round soaps to mold them into a container. They don't move around, they won't fall out.
3. Watch what you are doing. Once in the microwave, stay with it. The size of the soap will determine the melt time. Depending on the size of the item, and the strength of your microwave, time will run from 10-20 seconds, but may take more time. If you are not sure, start with 10 seconds. The shave stick is somewhat small. I set the timer for 20 seconds, pulled the plug at 16.
5. Any attempt to do this will be your responsiblity. If you ruin a soap, don't blame me or bill me. The information here is only a guideline. This is one time you want to ask questions first.
6. If you have any additional ideas or suggestions, please post them here. We can learn from each other's successes and mistakes.

In it's original form, the QED Patchouli/Tea Tree/Peppermint stick


This disassembles very easily. Just push up from the bottom and the stick comes right out.


No, I didn't use a Veg-A-Matic, but here it is, sliced and diced


The final result: 17 seconds later, and I now have a bowl of soap! :001_tt2:


When choosing your container, think about the size of the soap you are melting. This one is an Anchor Hocking bowl that also comes with a lid. They are available at WalMart for around $5.00 for a pack of 4. The shave stick fits fine. If you are going to melt a larger soap, these containers come in a 1 cup size, and for about the same amount of dough, you get 3.

Doing this is no big deal...and your kitchen will smell wonderful! :thumbup:

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Nicely done! I'll have to give it a try – I have a couple of empty cream containers that I could use. They’d be a bit large for the shaving sticks, but better low than empty. I didn't realize that microwave time was so minimal.

Take care,
Thanks Rik. If you can't actually see what is happening inside the containers, definitely start at no longer than 10 seconds. Then add time in 5 second increments. Depending on how the melt is going, you may wish to stir the soap between "zaps".

Good point. Do you think I'd be better off scraping the plastic containers & go for the glass ones since they are so economical?

Not necessarily. I like the glass (pyrex) containers because I can identify the soap in them at a glance. However, there is this cool thing call "labels" that would allow the same thing (pardon the smartass remark). I think you will be fine with the plastic containers. Just start off with a low time (should be okay at 10 seconds) and then go with short increments until melted. Don't forget to leave the lids off until they are cooled down. One other thing...with all of my soaps, whether melted or not, I always pour hot water (not boiling) on top of them before working them with the brush. I allow the water to sit for a minute, pour it off, and then work the brush. When I am done, I only pour off the excess water. I don't rinse the soap off. I have found that the leftover residue (can't remember who recommended this to me) aids in the lather building.

I also like the pyrex dishes because the color of the different soaps adds color to my "shave den".

Great tip about prepping the soap with hot water. I also like the idea of adding more color to the 'ol den.
I picked me up a four pack of those bowls at Target, and melted down my anise and lavender stick as a trial. Very simple and quick. I think I will try it out with my new injector tomorrow....
Here's what it looks like. The labels come off, so you can make a nice-looking presentation. Sorry for abusing your baby, Charles.... :crazy:

Very nice. Melting is easy, just make sure that the soap will melt! I await your posting of the results!

I just shaved with the melted-down anise and lavender soap, and let me tell you, I am melting all my sticks! Those Anchor hocking bowls are the perfect size to build up a lather in. The flared sides work out well to provide a bit of extra room for the brush. I am now headed to the kitchen to dismantle the B&B stick.

Thanks for the great idea!

At WalMart, they are in the baking pan area. Usually towards the end of an isle, along with Corelle baking items.

roughrider said:
What department did you guys find the Anchor Hocking bowls in at Wal-Mart or Target?

In the "home" section of Target with the other dishes and serving stuff. My Walmart only carried the large bowls. At Target, I found the 6oz size - which are Purr-fect.
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