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More Deep Thoughts than Jack Handy
Good morning, Everyone and Happy St. Patrick's Day to all!

It's time I threw together a PIF. I have much to be thankful for to the B&B forums and its members who post such valuable and fun information. So...without further delay...here goes. Whoever is interested, please first post...I'm in! Then...if you have any other comments, add them in after the aforementioned, "I'm in!" can be in the same post. Please note, I will be paying for the shipping as well. I am PIF'ing the following items in one shot.

Software - (Please note that everything listed here is brand new, never been used (BN,NBU).)
Sample soap Captain's Choice 45th Parallel (BN,NBU)
Sample cream Captain's Choice Lime (BN,NBU)
Colonel Conk Bay Rum soap 2.25oz (BN,NBU)
Ogallala Bay Rum soap shave stick (BN,NBU)
Pinaud Clubman Shave soap 2oz (BN,NBU)
RazoRock Black Bay shave soap (BN,NBU)
RazoRock Black Bay aftershave (BN,NBU)
Chiseled Face Summer Storm soap (BN,NBU)
Chiseled Face Cedar and Spice soap (BN,NBU)


Hardware - (Everything shown and listed will come without its original box...just the item. Some items have been used, but everything is in excellent shape.)

Fatip Open Comb Slant - (I have shaved with this a number of times. It's in very good shape.)
Fatip Nobile Tuxedo - (Also used a number of times. From when it was new, this razor had the infamous Fatip blade alignment issue. You can manually align the blade and get it right. Just takes a bit more time.)
Global Shave Club Calypso open comb razor w/WCS black anodized steel handle (Never used this razor...I bought it for the fancy handle which I currently use on another razor. But I did pair it with a West Coast Shaving handle that matches the finish and coloration of the razor head.)
Parker Semi-Slant razor (Used about a dozen times)
Dovo shavette with four blade clips: 2 x clear, 1 x black and 1 x green. (This was used once or twice.)
Feather Artist Club SS Shavette Japanese style (Used about a 7 or 8 times)
4x RazoRock Stainless Steel razor handles (I'm not sure what the models are, but they are all too short for me and have simply been in storage since I received them. As with all the hardware listed here...hoping it finds a home where it will be appreciated and get some use.)

Blades -
Feather Artist Club Professional blades - (I think there are about 14 or 15 left in the container.)
Derby Premium Single Edge Blades - (This is a 100 pack...minus three or four blades.)
2 x Five-pack of Personna Hair Shaper blades - (One of the two five-packs has only four blades.)
2 tucks each (10 blades total of each type) of the following double edge razor blades
Personna Israeli Red
Personna Med Prep
Personna Lab Blue
Derby Premium
Derby Usta
Wilkinson Sword (German)
Gillette 7 O'clock Super Platinum
Gillette Platinum
Kai SS


I am not limiting this to the Continental United States. I'm uncertain about the aftershave...I know that vendors cannot ship alcohol-based items overseas, but...if someone from overseas wins this PIF and I find out that I can't ship the aftershave, then you will get everything here minus the aftershave. I would ask that whoever should get this lot...that they post in this thread that they have received it.

One other note...the winner of this PIF will be selected completely and totally randomly by some method I'm not sure of yet, but will figure it out and post the method. I mean it!!! A total random selection!

I'll be leaving this up for a week...so the winner will be selected next Wednesday, March 24th and posted in this thread.

I sincerely hope that this PIF is well-received and has some things of interest for just about everyone.

Thank you all and God Bless!
I'm in! Have you considered giving these away to multiple winners? I feel like that would be better than one winner winning the entire lot. Very generous of you regardless!!


More Deep Thoughts than Jack Handy
I'm in! Have you considered giving these away to multiple winners? I feel like that would be better than one winner winning the entire lot. Very generous of you regardless!!

Admittedly, I'm trying to keep things simple and ship out one box, one time. But thanks for the suggestion. Good luck!
I'm in! That's a rather lavish PIF. Thanks for the chance.

That summer storm caught my interest a while ago, but was afraid the wife would get me if I bought another soap.
I'm in.

This is amazing, all sorts of goodies.....the shavette and feather kami style look great....that is something I always wanted.
Thanks for doing such a generous PIF
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