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meet my new friend

I have had this urge to buy a Plisson HMW for some time. I'd battle the urge and it would go away but always come back. I have other nice brushes but I wanted a Plisson. With the sale at AOS, it became time to do something. Special thanks to ameetmedi and alabamalawyer for their help. AOS has different sizes from Plisson but this would equate to a size 16 Plisson. I think the wait was worth it
Very nice two-banded brush! Now all you need is a three-band, as there is a distinctive difference in the feel of my two and three-banded Plissons.

BTW, I love all my Plissons. They are quickly growing in number thanks to Ameet. :biggrin:


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I have met your new friend, as you suggested. Your new friend and I really hit it off, and she'd like to come visit me for a few months. She should be back by September, unless things go really really well.
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