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Medical Personnas

I've got a friend sending me a few Medical Personnas. I primarilary use Sharks and Feathers. What should I expect with the Meds? YMMV, I know...
Not nearly as sharp as the feathers IMHO.
I haven't found a razor I like them in yet.

I'm obligated to put in a YMMV of course :wink2:
I'd say the Meds are as sharp as the Sharks and a touch smoother. They seem to get more praise from users of aggressive razors (Merkur HD and up).
I like them, but don't have a ton of experience. They are pretty sharp and very smooth. Hands down my favorites, but I haven't tried sharks or feathers. I like them better than Bolaznos though
The Meds are my current favorite. That said, I've never used a Feather, and I don't doubt that it's sharper -- maybe the reason I've never used one ... I find the Meds as sharp as Iridiums and Yellow Gillettes, sharper than Red IPs but just as comfortable and longer lasting, too. I generally don't push a blade past three uses, and sometimes that's too much. I've had a half-dozen good shaves from a Personna Med ...
For me? Meds are not near as sharp as Feathers but they are way smoother. A Med blade will last me 4 - 5 shaves where a Feather will only last me for one. Meds FTW
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