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Maybe I'm Insane

Or Obsessive/Compulsive at any rate.

After tearing up my face yesterday and breathing a sigh of relief that I would be able to take today and tomorrow off, I found myself rubbing my face and getting annoyed at the stubble.

In the end, I did a full lather, let it soak in . . . and then had a shower, without further torturing my reddened, itchy skin.

It sure sounds like addict behaviour to me :w00t:

Anybody else care to confess?

- John
Sometimes I get out three nice ceramic bowls and whip up three different soaps/creams at the same time for fun, and just decide which one I want to use once they're all ready...

Also, as far as OCD goes, when I think in words, I have to make sure that every sentence ends with its letters being a sum that is a multiple of four, like this one, for example.
I have a "friend" that has similar problems :redface:

I test ,,, I mean HE tests his straight on his arm hair ... and since he has so many razors to hone , he has little arm hair left ..
Insane? Here's the true test. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, define shaving N-S. Bonus question: how about if you live on the Equator? :confused:
Covered in depth in this old thread, which was voted both "Worst Thread of 2006", and "Ouch's Worst Thread Ever."


Nice thread, but no ceegar. The Coriolis force is a pseudo force, along with centrifugal and Euler forces. They are called pseudo forces because they appear when viewing inertial motion in a rotating reference frame.

My question has to do with the coordinate system itself. When a shaver in the Southern Hemisphere shaves N-S, does he start with the face or the neck?

If one had absolutely nothing else to do (I'm at the airport, waiting for a flight), one might ponder what effect the tides have on the direction of hair growth. This might lead to the discovery of the optimum time of day for an individual to shave. :001_huh:
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