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I haven't drilled out many pins but this Germania warranted Oxford is the first one to make it a little more interesting 😁

Is this a common occurrence?


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Some old blades were made to be magnetic, as some sort of quack sales gimmick. Pins are usually brass, so I don't know how they would be.
I agree, that's why I was surprised about it.

I'm using a ball tip diamond bit. These pins were different than the others I've done.
They were a little easier to grind, and at the beginning I kept stopping, thinking I was getting into the scale because the tip kept getting covered with a black dusty buildup.
As I got deeper into the pins the crystal looking bushes started growing up around the bit 😆.
Finally got them out after about 4 hrs, I was doing my best to not screw the scales up I think they're going to look pretty sweet, I'm guessing they're bone.
I meant to keep the pins and look closer but wound up slinging them here and there.
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