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    I looked around and didn't see many reviews on Maggard's Artisan shave soaps. I was gifted a jar of Maggard's Barbershop shave soap, among some other soaps. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Maggard's performed. In fact, it was fantastic. It was slick, foamy, and had a great scent. I initially thought of this as an "off brand" soap, but it is definitely a premium soap. I used it with a shavette (I really need more straight razors, and might have to send mine out for sharpening). It was an incredible shave.

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  1. I may be wrong but I believe that Maggard branded soaps are actually made by a Michigan
    artisan; Through the Fire Fine Craft. I have Maggards Lime & Bergamot and Orange Menthol.
    Both are tallow soaps that perform very well for me.
  2. Interesting. Both those soaps sound like fantastic scents.

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    If I didn’t know any better, London Barbershop scent is identical to Mike’s Barbershop. I’ve used Mike’s a lot but only have a sample of the London and am only basing that off sniffing a sample I have. Very pleasant scent, one of my favorite barbershop variations out there!
  4. And Shannon’s too.
    I agree - great scent!
  5. I never tried Maggarts soap but TFFC has some great soaps. They offer a 1 ounce sample for 3.50 and many to try. I have about 5 and the scent is really great the bourbon is fantastic. Plus they offer FREE shipping. I truly love the small one ounce size wish more would offer this.
  6. Correct.! They do make the Maggard Brand Soap.
  7. According to the Maggard's web site, their artisan shave soaps are made by Maria Arman of Through the Fire Fine Craft in Michigan. The Maggard's web site lists the ingredients in the private brand soaps: Stearic Acid, Water, Coconut Oil, Tallow, , Lye, Potassium Hydroxide, Fragrance, Glycerin, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Lactate. However, I have not been able to locate the ingredient listing for the TTFFC soaps. Thus, I do not know if Maria produces a special formula for Maggards or if the formula is the same as the TTFFC brand.

    As a matter of associated trivia, James D Arman, Maria's husband, once ground razors for Hart Steel. He is no longer associated with that brand, but still grinds razors. JD sells his blades under the TTFFC brand and they are available through Maggard's.

    Many of the retail vendors have contracted with some fine soapmakers to produce their private brands. Bullgoose sells Asylum Shave Works soaps made by Wet Shaving Products. West Coast Shaving sells duck fat soaps made by Oleo Soapworks and vegan luxury cream soaps made by Caties Bubbles. Ariana and Evans used to sell soaps made by Oleo Soapworks, but now Peter produces the soaps in house with his own formula.
  8. Wow this is great info thanks for passing it alson.
    I love Oleo and there products.
  9. I agree they smell alike. They also smell like crafters choice barber shoppe fragrance oil. Wouldnt surprise me if thats what they both use for the scent.
  10. Haven't tried the Orange Menthol, but I quickly killed a sample of the Lime & Bargamot. Quite a nice scent and no qualms with performance.
  11. Does anyone know of more soaps/aftershaves/fragances that smell like Maggard's London Barbershop?
  12. I love the Maggard soaps. I am on my 4th jar of Limes & Bergamot!

  13. Bingo! I think you’re right. I believe strop shoppe also used this oil for their barbershop and I’m pretty sure it’s a component of CF ghost town barber.
  14. When I was looking for a good lilac scent I picked up a tub from Maggard's and it performs great. I have never tried TTFFC but if they made the lilac I wouldn't mind trying a few of there soaps. Although they may close the doors long before I use up enough of what I already have to justify buying anymore.

    I have a tub of Bullgoose's Asylum Colonia soap that was made by SV which is the only reason I have it. If WSP makes them now I can't use them due to a reaction to the WSP soaps. The Colonia is a great performing soap of course.
  15. I think Mickey Lee's The Kraken is a dead ringer to Maggard's London Barbershop. Also, I found Wickham Soap Co's Classic 24 to be nearly the same scent as well. Similar, but not quite, are Mike's Soap's Barbershop and Cold River Soap Works Barbershop.
  16. I found the Maggard's London Barber shop to be a real face burner. The scent level is so high that it must be considered a mistake. I would not trust any soap from their company.
  17. I continue to find it interesting how people can have completely different opinions in shaving. I always prefer a strong scent.

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  18. This soap company has quite a history of poorly constructed products.
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  19. For example?

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