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Made my own shaving stick

I had some leftover Speick shaving stick soap nubs from sticks, some facial soaps from various motels, which I always swipe, and some of Kirk's Castille bar soap. I ground up the soaps with a cheese grinder, mixed in a steel bowl with a bit water and a little olive oil, added a few drops tea tree oil, heated the slurry to melt the soap and to boil off the water. Then I filled a few generic 2 oz twist-up containers with the soap, which is currently firming up. After drying the sticks out for a few weeks, they should provide fairly long-lasting shaving soap sticks. The ratio of soaps is about 1/3 Speick, 1/3 facial soap, and 1/3 Castille soap. See below how it looks.

On another message board where I mentioned making my own shaving sticks, I was lambasted for doing so - ironically by someone who also used to post here! I just happen to like experimenting with homemade concoctions.


Looks cool. But Why add the regular soaps? Why not wait until more shave style?

From past experience I know that Castille soap works well and produces very nice lather. As for the mini facial motel soaps, I didn't think they'd hurt anything. They are actually not bad soaps, but I don't want to use such tiny bars of soap for anything else, and I didn't want to throw them out. So I figured I'd grind them up and include them in my mix. If I were using only shaving soap stick nubs to make a new stick, I'd have to collect for a long time! I usually use shaving cream from a tube at home, but sticks mostly when traveling.

I'm curious if it will lather okay, I have heard that olive oil kills lather. Best of luck to you though I hope it works out well!
This morning I tried one of the shaving sticks that I made. Seems to work just fine. The lather is thick and smooth and smells alright. I squeezed some of the remaining lather out of the brush for the picture below. Maybe you can guess from the picture how thick it is. cams105, I don't know if olive oil kills lather. I add very little of it to my concoction. Below the brush-with-foam picture is another one of an old deoderant twist-up container that I cleaned out and repurposed.


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