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Made a razor

Hello! Wanted to try wether I can make an SE, so gave it a go. It’s constructed of 1mm brass sheet and a lump of brass, parts were soldered then riveted. The joints are too close together so the soldered pieces would become loose every time a new piece is attached without riveting.
It’s basically a Schick type head accepting GEM type blades, a tool is needed for blade change.
I’ll try to smooth out the hammer marks and it will receive a brass/wooden handle (most likely).
Also have to figure out how the foam holes should look like. The bar is a tad long right now I’m not sure wether I’ll leave it as is or bend it up a bit and cut it shorter.
It’s a really smooth razor with zero blade feel, so maybe I’ll dial it up a bit.
Now come the long and voring process of sanding and polishing.

5B6EF62B-9715-4ADE-A041-125DCE6A6DE0.jpeg D26C5106-9CBB-46E0-AB98-20A5D4B539A4.jpeg E90B9100-9B0A-4FA7-8E7A-E8C4CBAE000C.jpeg 277BB743-4A09-4CAE-8959-1C3A39617DB6.jpeg DFC59033-10A0-4B47-AC4D-C6A0A9D09807.jpeg


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Cool! You should be able to dial that into the perfect razor for you. Myself, I shaved with a 3D printed SE razor today.
Thank you. There were some deep dents around the corners, had to hide them, the rest polished up pretty well. Shortened the safety bar, it’s quite blade forward, as the rest of my razors.

B02DA38B-5554-407E-ABED-AF8BE634889D.jpeg A55A0A25-7987-41A2-8C71-BFDCC7DF416C.jpeg D3338FBC-4E81-4F52-9F93-2A4CC37107B9.jpeg 3E0D3DA0-9342-48E8-A346-205333BDDE17.jpeg

Thank you. Altered the design so the blade can be replaced by hand and the surface is smooth. Only have to polish up the innards.
I only have a Valet VC2 modified to accept GEM blades, so a comparison is tough. In general, after two shaves, it’s quite maneuverable, super rigid with much blade feel. Still working on the best angle.
The exposed blade corners could be a problem, so I think it would be more safe to knock down the corners with a file before use.

9B7FF630-E2EB-442D-95EB-94E86AD0A2B1.jpeg B7510AC8-F90A-4117-A504-A184EDFE0C76.jpeg

The exposed blade corners could be a problem, so I think it would be more safe to knock down the corners with a file before use.
Maybe, maybe not. I have an ATT G1, which leaves the corners exposed. I thought at first it might be a problem, but not at all. Of course, the G1 is a pretty mild razor (exactly like a Gem 1912). Also technique is key -- but I've never hooked myself with it.

Rather than a file, I'd suggest if you have a sharpening stone that you just take a couple gentle passes right on the apex of the corner if it feels like you need it. Check the corners when you've done that, looking for any burr or wire edge that you may have raised that might create new problems.

Thank you all! Didn't know about the ATT G1 so had to look it up. A pretty nice and seemingly forgiving design. My head is much narrower and shorter.(like to push my limits).
When shaving my neck around my jaw line I felt a light scratch. As the razor itself has no sharp edges, I suspect the corner of the blade got me.
Nothing serious, so it could be (most likely) avoided with proper technique, but I mostly use really blade forward DEs, this head is a new experience. The blade is so far away from the handle, compared to a DE.
The next one will be adjustable...

Hello, let me introduce V5, an adjustable GEM, based on my V4. It moves the bar back and forth with a screw like the Wilkinson. It's missing a stem, foam chutea and some touch ups.
Riveted and soldered brass and bronze.


Thank you Old Hippie, scrapped the adjusing mechanism, a new one is in the works. Getting the height of the safety bar right is somewhat tricky. Will be back with a second version and a matching (hopefully) handle.

Sneak peek, V5.1. Received some wonderful brass handle inserts and other turned parts from our member @Ricksplace, so the razor went from 10 straight to 11.
Head still needs to be smoothed out, so will be back with a longer description and photos.




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So available for purchase when and where? When can we expect details?

Kidding (unless those details are forthcoming)...

Beautiful razor!