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Made a new brush...opinions wanted

I made a new brush last year, but fell into the trap of bigger must be better, and put a TGN 28mm silvertip into a fat aluminum handle. Its a pleasure to use, the knot is great, but man its huge. I have found myself using the more practically sized Tweezerman more often than the monster, so I figured it was time to make a new one. I chose a 20mm super fan shaped knot from TGN. The knot is fantastic. Very soft and dense, maybe a tad floppy, so I set it fairly deep in a short aluminum handle. The handle fits the way I hold the brush very well, so is comfortable to use, but I can't decide if I really like the looks. It looks more like it should be on the space shuttle rather than in my bathroom. Please criticize at will

New brush

Sandwiched between the Monster and Tweezerman

I have already started a new handle. In the quest for a more elegant design, I figured I'd remake a classic in aluminum. Look familiar?
I dig it! I mean, the handle design is a bit unconventional, to be sure, but it looks really nice. I also like the old monster style, and your chubbyish handle in the works.

Ever considered taking orders for a handle?
Nice!! Good job(s)! Those would look perfect on a Star Trek set. How do you lift those? They look heavy. I need one to use with my Capt. Janeway coffee mug to make lather with!!
Thanks for the compliments! I'll see how I like the chubby style handle. Maybe I'll buy another knot and have two new brushes. I could make some extra ones for those who really want one.

The downside to this handle is that it does not like to sit in a bowl. Because it is so short, it wants to go handle side down. It does have some weight to it, but its not bad at all, in fact, that's why I'm making them out of aluminum because I like the weight. I suppose it is a tad slippery, buy with such an overhand grip on it, I really haven't noticed.

I'm going to try and finish the chubby style today. New pics up soon
Being an astronomy enthusiast, I really like that space capsule handle.

Hey Scotty, beam one of those babies over to my place!
Very nice. That truly is a monster brush. What was the problem, the size or the weight? I have a old Anchorset paintbrush style handle for restore that has a 28mm knot hole. Even though I face lather, I'm thinking about making that one a brush for bowl lathering to take advantage of the big knot size. Maybe a 24mm knot would be more practical. Somehow the 28mm seems like overkill.

I like your space capsule brush, too. As far as aesthetics, I think a fan shaped knot would have complimented the space capsule shape better. I think the straight lines and sharp angles work well with aluminum. Depending on the curves you choose, a more traditional style handle might look incongruous with a modern material like aluminum. I think an industrial/futuristic looking handle works better with aluminum than a traditional handle design would. Would anodizing the handle protect the aluminum better?

If you milled out a paintbrush style handle that compliments a PILS, or a Feather Stainless razor, I bet you would get a lot of interest.

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Beautiful work all around. I love your second attempt, and the handle in progress is breathtaking. I'd say add me to the list if you ever decide to sell as well, but I'm thinking I probably couldn't afford one of these beauties.
Come on, someone has to dislike the space capsule. Seriously, I never expected that there would be so many people that took a liking to it.

I can make some for those who want one. The only problem I see in making just the handle is the nature of the handmade knot. For the 20mm knot, I bored a 20mm hole for the plug, but ended up relieving the rest of the hole to about 22mm to accommodate the bulge above the plug. I suppose I could enlarge all tolerances and let the epoxy fill the void. It's just in my nature to make things to exacting tolerances though (I used the space capsule without adhesive , just to check the firmness).

I have no idea what to charge for those interested. It does take a bit of time to make, but I'm not looking to make a profit, just maybe a little something for my time. I'll let the people decide what to charge. You guys tell me what the space capsule is worth to you and I'll make them for that for whoever is interested.
Finished the chubby clone. I love the way it turned out. It took a while to make, but it was well worth it. You just can't beat classic design. Even though its short, it doesn't want to flip over in a bowl like the space capsule.


Next to the space capsule

Overall, I'd say these alum brushes weigh twice as much as a tweezerman. Haven't weighed them, just an estimate.

On the slippery note, I was curious, so I got them both wet, soap and all, and to my surprise, they are not slippery at all. I guess I never really paid attention. I guess its due to the fact that I left some of the machine marks in and didn't do a full polish. They have a surprising amount of grip.
That truly is a monster brush. What was the problem, the size or the weight? ..Somehow the 28mm seems like overkill.

It was overkill. It is just too big, and a bit floppy (first brush and I didn't set the knot deep enough). Maybe if I had a gigantic head or was lathering my whole body it would be fine.

Would anodizing the handle protect the aluminum better?

Originally I was going to wax the monster and I got too excited to use it and never got around to waxing it. After a year of getting wet, it shows no sign of oxidizing. Other than some soap residue, it looks the way it did when I first made it. I suppose the soap provides a bit of a protective layer. Hmmm, maybe I'll wash my car in shave cream.

If you milled out a paintbrush style handle that compliments a PILS, or a Feather Stainless razor, I bet you would get a lot of interest.

Doesn't Pils already make a matching handle? That would be a piece of cake to make. Stainless would be too heavy I believe, though I could bore out most of the interior to save weight.
Really nice, Bill! :thumbup:
These are fantastic. Are they really as dark as they appear in the photos, or is that a function of the camera flash?
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