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Macallan 18 year 1980/ Laphroaig 15 year

I have 2 bottles of the Macallan 18 year, 1980, unboxed. Trying to find a value/price. Also 2 bottles of Laproaig 15 year in tubes. I bought these on a return trip from Scotland when Laphroaig was discontinuing the 15 year in favor of their just introduced 18 year which had not made it to the U.S. yet. Again, seeking a value/price. As I recall, then Prince Charles was a fan of the 15 year. While at the distillery, the folks there found out that I was a "Friend of Laphroaig" and one of the oldest from the USA.) They offered me the newly introduced 18 year. WOW! (If you're an Islay scotch fan, it's superb stuff. Aged in Makers Mark barrels).


ancient grey sweatophile
Based on what's available on Wine-Searcher, the value is approximately a **** ton. Over two grand for the Macallan at Continental.
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