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Lurker just joined need help

I just wanted to thank everyone for the help with The Fat. I had a great shave with it today. I’m sure that my lather isn’t perfect...yet, but it works really well, doesn’t dissipate, and is really slick. The amount of product knowledge in this community is amazing. I’m glad I found B&B.
Hey GNR, I shaved with the fat this morning.. such a smooth slick shave. I Echo your sentiments. I too am so grateful for the support and guidance from so many people over the years. It really has turned what was a chore that left my face scarred into a pleasure and a hobby. Shaving is now a nice thing to look forward to, and a lovely experience. Thanks to everyone for being so great.
That’s awesome, I’m glad The FAT is making more fans. I know I was originally frustrated but with everyone’s help I now love it.