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Lucky Tiger "After-Shave Toner"

JMT said:
Craig, I think you forgot to mark the score for the alcohol burn.


I left it at zero at first, it doesn't contain any alcohol and doesn't burn. On me anyway. Or maybe your saying it should be a 10 because of this? The rating system seems odd to me.

Changed it to 10, for no burn.

True but different standards for different people.

I liked the cologne that I reviewed but my total came to 74. Nothing wrong with something in the 70s.

It became insane in the olympics when events that were scored such as gymnastics, or skating depended on handing out perfect scores when in reality, there should be no such thing as a perfect score.

The scoring system here for reviews I believe is fair, equitable, and for the most part extremely accurate. Quite refreshing to be sure!
I've had a bottle of this stuff for a while now but have just recently started using it with any regularity. When used in conjunction with Proraso pre/post, it performs well.
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