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Looking for info on flip top razor


just stumbled across a flip top type razor, unluckily can't post pictures.
The white plastic handle is rather thin and long, it's intergrated with the base plate (like a Wilkinson Classic) the opening button (black) is on the bottom of the handle.
The cap and opening mechanism is cast metal, mechanism is spring loaded. Cap looks thinner than a Wilkinson flip top and it has two cutout slots. These slots correspond with the blade positioning studs in the blade tray.

I thought it's a Tondeo, but can't find anything similar.
Any tips on brand and name?

Thank you



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I can't help you but you have me intrigued. I can't wait for someone else to chime in who may know more.
Is the head hinged, ie the top cap hinges open but remains attached to the baseplate? Or does pushing the button releae the topcap which can then be completely removed?
The formes there are some Mulcuto's including a white plastic one, don't know the color of the pushbutton as it is still on my wantlist.
The latter there's Clix, Cowboy, ... Clix is white plastic, but has a fat grip.
Any markings at all, patent numbers, countr of origin, abbreviations?

the cap is hinged, like a Wilkinson fliptop. I'd say it's basically a Wilkinson fliptop, but looks different.
I think it had no markings, hopefully I can add pics next week.
It looks rather "modern", 1960-70.

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