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I am looking for a moisturizer and have heard good things about CAR's, Male FAce, and Avalon Organics. Can anyopne recommend or give me some feed back on each?
CAR - Hands down best stuff I have tried.
MaleFace - Have not tried it.... sorry, can't be much help here.
Avalon - Check out this review I did of it here.

My recommendation (if price is of no concern) is the CAR. If price is a concern, go with the Avalon, or check out proraso pre/post which is superb as well. Also - QED DaVinci water works WONDERS in assisting any of the aformentioned moisturizers - and is highl regarded by the masses!
I personally use CAR and highly recomend it, have not tried malface but it comes highly recomended by some. I have intentions of trying avalon here in the near future.
What are you looking for in a moisturizer? Light? Heavy? Matte? There are lots of different ones out there. I have used many of Em's products with great efficacy (www.emsplace.com), and the aromatherapy/fragrances are excellent. Baxters products (Supershape and Oil-Free) are quite good also if you are looking for a straight-up moisturizer. Are you looking just for your face, or hands, etc?

I am looking at a A/S, but want something that will moisturize as well.

Appreciate all the help!

Clark, as others have mentioned CAR is an aftershave balm and moisturizer. It is available at www.enchante.com . There are a multitude of good AS that it would be hard to recommend one without taking the amount you are willing to spend.
Cost is really not an issue I am just seeking advise . I am leaning towards CARS, he has different flavours do you recommend any?
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