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Longer handle Gillettes?


Anyone know if there are any nice gillette razors eg, rocket, aristocrat, president etc that are 10cm/ 4 inches or longer?

It's just that I have large hands and my 57 ss is a little too small.

The Knack, or British Slim Twist, is a good possibility. The Lady Gillette is another. Both are very similar in nature to a Super Speed and feature longer handles. The Super Adjustable is also another option. Another very good quality vintage razor that would be comparable is the Schick Krona.
I'll second the suggestion of a Gillette Knack. I have one from 1968, and it feels good in the hand. It delivers a good shave too. The handle is a covered with a blue plastic sleeve that is functional, but not much to look at.
thanks for your responses.

i was trying to find a razor which is also nice to look at, shaves well and has a longer handle than my 57ss?

i hope i can find one?

thanks again.
The super adjustable is a fine vintage Gillette, and it is generally in ample supply. It would be a great next razor for you!
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