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Lol, shave much?

I had to post these pics, they're from a currently running auction so I won't post the link. I have looked at it a few times actually and strangely never noticed the subtle (?) error he/she has made. When I saw it I had a good laugh and had to share. :001_tongu . There are a bunch of pics not just these.
This is actually fairly common. The worst I've seen was one auction were the seller but a blade holder over the head of the razor, and called it a "protective cover."
Saw that same listing this morning. Did she/he add the sparkle effect to the photo in post-processing. If so, that's pretty lame!
One auction that I planned to bid in (didn't win) I wrote to the seller and let her know, with a link to a picture of a razor correctly assembled. She thanked me for the information.
Actually this backward assembly is happening way too often now. I think that these sellers who know nothing about razors search ebay and then copy what they see on someone else's site, mostly wrong. Then it starts to multiply over and over again. One such seller even described the razor as tight, probably because the shortened screw end barely mated to the handle so it had to be over tightened to stay on. Of course these are the same sellers that must proudly display the old rusty blades and take more pictures of them then the razor itself. And then put them back in the razor.

I won an auction for a similarly misassembled Gillette New, mixed in with a lot of rather nice grooming tools. Isn't e-bay fun?
I saw this one earlier today. I first thought that it had the wrong plate, then I looked closer and saw what they did. I got razor burn just trying to imagine shaving with it assembled in that manner. My umbrella also turned inside out.....:eek2:
Amusing but perfectly understandable. I'm reminded of the old Sears catalogs showing a father and son smiling while using their new telescope, except the telescope was a Newtonian and was clearly pointing down.
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