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L'Occitane Cade shaving soap for $14

So this is my first post, but I had great news and just had to share it with everyone. I was tooling around the mall here in Orlando, and went to the
L'Occitane store for a moment and noticed their normally $35 aluminum shaving bowl had a $4 sticker on it. Their shaving soap had a $10 sticker on it as well. With it being so close to Father's Day, I asked if this was the real price and the associate laughed and said, "Yeah! Can you believe it?!" I bought both the Cade soap and dish for $14. It was as amazing (see http://badgerandblade.com/vb/showthread.php?ltr=L&t=1815). Not sure if this is online, but definitely true in stores with no coupons or anything. Happy shaving!
I can corroborate this, and it appears to be a company wide sale, not restricted to Canada. Here in the Philly area, I picked up 2 pucks of the Cade shaving soap for US $10 each, and the normally $28 metal bowl was $6(!).
This is one of my favorite soaps. You gentlemen will be very happy.

I, however, am a little upset that I paid full retail for the dang bowl. Nuts!

lol Don't worry Neil, like the rest of the world, perhaps you are subsidising USA L'Occitane's specials on men's products. I believe Portugal is paying the most. :w00t:
I bought a refill - $16. The bowl is $30. I'd never pay that much $ for that bowl - it isn't that nice. The soap is soft enough that you can easily cut it and mash it to fit any bowl you have on hand
Also like to add that I went back today and the small 1oz. Cade brand aftershave lotion (NOT the 2.5oz) is on sale for $5 in the stores. The 2.5oz. is usually $30, and when you can get three 1oz. tubes for $15, I call that a deal!

I feel like I'm a L'Occitane poster boy lately, but what I normally laughed at as an expensive product has become the best value I've found in a while. Check in at your store for the Cade aftershave.
If anyone is willing to ship a bowl and a puck to Florida, PM me--here in the Panhandle, there are no such stores. :letterk1:
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