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Let's See Your Camping Photographs

We've got 'show off' threads for just about everything. Razors, shave dens, guns, bicycles, you name it. However, I don't believe I've ever seen a thread to share photographs of our camping trips. With camping being a relatively active topic recently on The Great Outdoors, I figured that I'd start one. Admittedly, I also (selfishly) want to show off some pictures of my most recent trip. :biggrin1: I suppose any trip will do, not just the latest ones from this season.

My brother and I decided to go on a hiking trip this past weekend and we found the Three Ridges Hike online. It's a 14 mile loop, with about 2/3 on the Appalachian Trail and the other 1/3 on a less traveled local trail. Just a hair under 4,000 feet of elevation gain on the loop, so it's a bit of an up and down hike. We camped out on Friday night in order to get an early start on Saturday. After hiking about 10 miles the first day, we decided to set up camp early and found a beautiful site right next to a creek.


This was our first night's camping area, the morning after we camped out. As I woke up and got out of the tent, this was the scene I was greeted with. It was too perfect for me to not grab my camera.


This is one of the most stunning overlooks that I have personally ever been to. You're hiking up for a while before coming to a small path. Upon following the path, you're led to a massive rock outcropping that lets you see everything for miles. It really was a sight to behold.


Lunch! We came upon a hut on the AT that happened to have a table and a creek to get water from in perfect time to eat.


After reaching the highest point of the hike early on our first day, we found ourselves going down a very steep decline. It was switchback after switchback, all the way down the mountain. Two miles or so later, we found this area that showcases how much elevation we'd dropped in a short span. We came across people hiking in the other direction and I felt bad for them, knowing that they'd have to climb up what we'd just gone down.
Here's a pic of my 2012 field camp, in the Peten district of Guatemala.

Way cool! What is the thing just to the left of center in the photograph? It's raised up off of the ground and has what looks like yellow rope and some sticks?
That's just a tripod that was used to process the animals we hunted. It's moveable, we didn't process any animals in the middle of our camp.
Great pics! We camp in this:

This was our most recent "epic" adventure to the Keweenaw Peninsula in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. We spent ten nights in the pop-up and had a great time. A couple of pictures from our trip:

Eagle River Falls
Copper Harbor

We had a great trip. The geology and geography of the area is just amazing. My wife is already scheming on how to get back up there. From our house it takes about 12 hours! Hard to believe it's all Michigan.
I love GWNF. I've mtb'd on the other side west of Staunton. That was the steepest sustained climb I've ever done on a mtb. When I get back to my laptop I'll post some camping/hiking pics.
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