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Lee's Safety Razors - Good Brushes?

I'm looking to upgrade form my $5 boar bristle brush, but money is a big concern. I was looking to get the C&E Best Badger, but the places that I like online are either out of stock or no longer stocking this item, so I'm looking further afield.

Lees has a bruch that he calls "Fine Badger Shaving Brush" and it's available in ivory or black.

The price is right, under $25US, but I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this brush and is it worth the money.

Here's the link and they are the first two listed, #1000 and #1001.

Any information, positive or negative, would be much appreciated.



I can't say anything specific about those two brushes, but (and here goes the slippery slope!!!) if you're willing to 'up' your budget from the $25 range to the $40-$50 range, a whole new world opens up... For example you can then consider much of the Vulfix line seen here.

It wouldn't suprise me if they were made by Vulfix; i think they're good value for money brushes; take a look here...

Peter- Ha! We both linked to the Classicshaving.com website...

Funny to be on the same page as someone else in the recommendation dept.
Thanks for the feedback.

I find it interesting that both of you mentioned classicshaving.com, I have visited that site often. My only concern is that I'm shipping to Canada, and some retailers seem to have a better handle on that than others. Lee's, for instance, only charges $6.50 for orders under 1 pound, so the $23.50 brush ends up only costing me $30, plus a possible extra $5 +7% at the border, kind of a hit and miss charge.

Classic shaving, on the other hand, will charge almost $12.00, and when I tack that on to even the cheap $34.99 brushes, I'm already close to twice the cost, then again the border nazis may tack on more just for giggles.

As for the slippery slope, yeah, I can see myself heading down that road. That's why we have birthdays and Xmas. So, what this purchase really is is just a desperate measure to get rid of by crappy bristle brush and get a decent brush that I can use until the end of the year, and then get a better brush as a replacement. Maybe the three peice Merkur Futur that comes with a cool brush.

Anyway, I may get the Vulfix best badger, but I'm still leaning towards Lee's pure badger then maybe getting some Proraso in there too.

Yeah, I can be wishy-washy. It's a lifestyle choice, and I'm comfortable with it. Well, mostly, some days, okay with it. Kinda...


Pierre -- as far as the C&E brush, have you checked crabtreeevelyn.com? I just bought mine from the them last night (after looking at Lee's, classicshaving, etc.), and they had them in stock. They also have free shipping right now to the States (I realize that you're in Canada, so this may or may not apply).

Good luck!
Hello Pierre,

For a lot of years, decades in fact, I used cheap but servicable barber shop style brushes in the same 'pure badger' grade as the one you are considering and they gave very good service. Truth is sometimes the distinctions in the lower half of the overall brush grades are cosmetic rather than quality.

Peter is far more qualified than me to explain the finer points of bristle thickness, barbed vs straight tips, softness being offset by denser packing, etc. All I can say for sure is my Rooney Finest is a much higher 'grade' than my barber shop brushes but it does not make a better lather. Much more attractive and astheticaly pleasing, yes, better lather, no.

Good advice. My small but mighty SR101 in best badger makes a lather every bit as good as my Simpson PJ3 in Super. . .the SR just doesn't feel as luxurious on my face!
rtaylor61 said:
Lee's brushes are made by Vulfix.


Yup, you're right. Lee from Lee's Razor contacted me to confirm that, so I went ahead and ordered the #1001 - the inexpensive Pure Badger brush with the black handle. I will post photos and a review once I get it.

Of course, it'll be a great review because it will be a comparison of my harsh little boar bristle brush that I've been using since I started, that was purchased years ago and languished in a drawer all that time. Still, I'll try to be objective.

Stay tuned, and thanks for all the comments. On a side note, someone mentioned C&E for brushes. C&E does not accept orders outside of the U.S., so if you want to shop at Crabtree & Evelyn in Canada, you have to go to a store. There are a few, but the prices are a bit higher then they would be of you bought online in $US and converted, including shipping, so take that for what it's worth.


I'd be interested in hearing how you like the badger as I'm in the same boat (using an Omega bristle for the past couple of years - worked fine with the Proraso (green tube), but not so well with the glycerine soaps I just purchased from QED.

I just bought a Vulfix best badger (one of the ones that sell for about $40 at classic shaving) at the Toronto Barber and Beauty Supply store in Toronto for $32 CANADIAN (regular price)!

I'm looking forward to giving it a swirl tomorrow moring.

For anyone in or visiting Toronto, I suggest you pop into the TBBS (Bay/Dundas in dowtown Toronto) if you're looking for a reasonably priced brush, some of the Pinaud's range, as well as other wetshaving supplies.

Their selection of brushes is limited to lower to medium range brushes (the best one I saw was a Kent tortoiseshell for $70 Canadian (the same brush was selling at the Toronto Truefitt&Hill for $110!).

Good luck with the new brush!
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