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La Toja - One month’s use

I usually get a really abundant lather from La Toja. The lather needs to have water added two or three times to get to the optimal slickness. It should be almost, but not quite at the runny stage (not fluffy). This soap performs really well.
Cheers mate.
I am not an expert. My normal technique is bowl lathering, but I do use sticks.

A possibility is that you were getting more soap on your face than you needed. That could then have contributed to the poor lather quality in that it would look like you had created a good lather, but there would still be more soap on your face that hadn’t lathered as well as you would like.

Just a thought

And a very good thought at that. Too much soap leads to inability to hydrate the soap sufficiently, which in turn leads to sub-par lather. Less is more.
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