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Klar Lemongrass

I was just about finished with a puck of Klar Classic when I noticed that Amazon had the Klar Lemongrass soap for $20. I posted a while back about my experience with Klar Classic, so I won't go over that well-trod ground again. I'll just say that it's performance is excellent, and the scent is something that reminds me of a European classic gentleman (mostly my late father-in-law).

The Klar Lemongrass arrived in a tiny tin. Really tiny. So tiny that you cannot use it to lather the puck. The puck itself is 110 grams, so the puck is reasonably sized, but it completely fills the container and has a small diameter. You're best off holding the puck in your hand to lather it, or else placing it in a larger bowl or mug. I had a bowl that I had previously used for shaving soap, so I plopped the puck in there. It moved around a bit during the first, test lather, but for my last two shaves it's been just fine.

With regard to scent, I find it to be a very straightforward lemongrass scent. If you like the smell of lemongrass (as I do), then you'll be very happy with the Klar Lemongrass scent. With regard to performance, it lathers very easily, provides plenty of cushiony lahter and allows me to get great shaves. I use an after shave balm, so I can't comment on how moisturizing the soap is. I recognize that I tend to take a simplistic view of shaving soap performance. If it provides ample lather that is not too thin, and if the resulting shaves are good, then it meets all of my criteria.

I can recommend everything about Klar Lemongrass, except the container. If you like to hold the puck in your hand, or don't mind finding another container for it, this is a great soap in my opinion.
I've enjoyed Klar Lemongrass for the last 8 or 9 years. Great soap. I never go without it in my shave den. BTW, I great it up with the wife's cheese greater when she is not around. Then press it into my favorite type of container as the tin is too small as you said.
I found that i did not need to grate it. Here are a couple of pictures of the soap in a ceramic bowl that I have used before. Even though there is empty space around the puck, it doesn't move when I'm loading the brush.


Just curious (I have more soap than I can use in 2 lifetimes): is it smaller than Haslinger?
Klar pucks are about the same diameter as Haslinger but nearly twice as thick (110 grams for Klar vs. 60 grams for Haslinger). The tin is compact since it's intended just to carry the soap. I think the idea is to remove the puck from the container when loading the brush.

Klar is also a very long-lasting soap because it is extremely dense. It might be possible to get 200-250 shaves out of one puck. Even though the pucks are expensive, the cost per shave is actually less than many other soaps.
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